Employment Request Templates

Are you an employer looking for information and documentation related to employment requests? Look no further. We provide a comprehensive collection of documents to assist you in fulfilling your employer request needs. From employer request forms to specific state requirements, we have you covered.

Whether you're seeking a complete three-year abstract of a driver's operating record for a commercial driver's license holder in South Dakota or requesting notice by mail in Indiana, our wide range of documents will support your needs. Need to submit a request for a hearing in New York, but require it in Haitian Creole? We have the necessary form. Our collection also includes documents for employers in Kentucky who need to request a post-determination of bona fide promotion or career advancement.

We understand that each employer request is unique, which is why we offer a supplemental employment request form specifically designed for the City of Sacramento, California. With our diverse collection of documents, you can confidently handle all your employer request requirements.

So whether you refer to it as an employment request, employer request, employer request form, or any other variation, our extensive selection of documents will meet your needs. Explore our collection today and streamline your employer request process.




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This Form is used for requesting the employer status in the state of Arizona.

This document is a request made by an employer in the Bahamas to gain access to the online C10 system. The C10 system is a tool used by employers for various purposes, such as managing employee information and submitting required reports.

This form is used for requesting a wage or employment investigation in the state of Arizona. It is used to report potential violations of wage and employment laws.

This form is used for employers in Virginia to request a check of an individual's National Driver Register file. Employers can use this document to verify a potential employee's driving record and check for any violations or suspensions.

This document is used by employers in New Hampshire to formally request permission for employing a minor under the child labor laws.

This document is a request made by an employer in Alabama to obtain the lifetime driving record of a potential employee. It is used to gather information about the driving history of the candidate, including any traffic violations or accidents they may have been involved in.

This Form is used for employers to request a continuance in the state of Nebraska.

This document is used by employers in Nebraska to request a witness subpoena for a legal proceeding.

This form is used for requesting dual employment in South Carolina through the State Employee Compensation and Information System (SCEIS).

This form is used for requesting multiple employment from South Carolina's State Employee Information System (SCEIS).

An employee may prepare this type of letter to officially ask their employer to reduce their work hours.

This Form is used for requesting merit staffing in the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). It is used to recruit and hire employees based on their qualifications and merit, rather than other factors such as nepotism or favoritism.

This form is used by City of Sacramento employees to request additional or supplementary employment. It ensures the secondary job does not conflict with the employees’ primary responsibilities within the City of Sacramento, California.

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