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Are you looking for information on bona fide organizations? Look no further! Our website is your one-stop resource for all your bona fide needs. Whether you are a nonprofit affordable housing organization or involved with the regional center program, we have the documents and information you need to navigate through the process.

Our collection of documents includes various forms and applications specific to different states. For example, in California, you will find the Form DFPI-2666 Bona Fide Nonprofit Affordable Housing Organization Application for Registration. Similarly, in Connecticut, we have the Certified Submission for Bona Fide Nonprofit Organization Status. Oregon residents can access the Form 440-4990 Annual Recertification of Bona Fide Nonprofit Organization or the Form 440-4935 Checklist for Determination of Qualification for Bona Fide Nonprofit Organization Status.

We understand that proving your bona fide status is crucial, especially when it comes to immigration matters. That's why we also offer the USCIS Form I-956H, designed specifically to showcase the bona fides of individuals involved with the regional center program.

So whether you are seeking recognition as a bona fide nonprofit organization or require evidence of your bona fides for immigration purposes, our comprehensive collection of documents has got you covered! Don't waste any more time searching for the right forms – visit our website now and make your bona fide journey hassle-free.




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This form is used for declaring bona fide dependents in the military. It is used to confirm the legitimacy of dependents for various benefits and allowances.

This document is for organizations in California that are seeking registration as a bona fide nonprofit affordable housing organization. It provides instructions on how to complete and submit Form DBO-2666.

This document is for obtaining a certification as a bona fide not-for-profit organization in the state of Montana. It is used to establish and prove the organization's non-profit status.

This document is for applying for Bona Fide Farmer Status Property Assessment in Prince Edward Island, Canada. It is used to determine if a property qualifies for special assessment as a bona fide farm.

This Form is used for the annual recertification of a nonprofit organization in Oregon. It is required to maintain the organization's status as a bona fide nonprofit.

This document for obtaining Bona Fide Not-For-Profit "bnfp" Certification in Montana.

This Form is used to apply for certified submission for Bona Fide nonprofit organization status in the state of Connecticut.

This Form is used for determining if an organization qualifies for nonprofit status in Oregon. It is a checklist that helps determine if the organization meets the requirements for being considered a bona fide nonprofit organization.

This type of document is used for applying for a Bona Fide Nonprofit Organization Exemption in the state of Wisconsin.

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