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The Department of the Army (DA) is one of the three military departments within the United States Department of Defense. The United States Army is organized within the Department of the Army and is led by the Secretary of the Army, who has statutory authority to conduct the department’s affairs and prescribe inner regulations.

The Department of the Army focuses on land operations. It organizes, equips, and trains Active Duty and Reserve forces to maintain the security of and defend the United States of America.

Popular Department of the Army (DA) Forms

Department of Army Forms can be helpful for those individuals who are members of the military personnel and are looking into solving different situations that occurred while they were employed. Common DA forms that are used most often include the following:

  • DA Form 31, Request and Authority for Leave. If an army member would like to request leave from their post, they can use this document. DA Form 31 is applicable to those situations when, for example, a soldier wants to use some of their vacation leave or has an emergency; 
  • DA Form 638, Recommendation for Award. Any service member can recommend another service member for different awards with this form if they personally know of their achievements or remarkable acts. However, they cannot recommend themselves as the army does not permit self-recognition;
  • DA Form 705, Army Physical Fitness Test Scorecard. The purpose of this form is to maintain a record of a service member’s scores on physical fitness events. It can be used to track the results of the Army Physical Fitness Test and evaluate whether the soldier has passed it;
  • DA Form 2062, Hand Receipt/Annex Number. This document is supposed to be used to track army property and must be provided to every army unit commander that has army property in possession. After receiving the document, the army unit commander (or the appointed hand receipt holder) is supposed to record and list the army property they have;
  • DA Form 3433, Application for Nonappropriated Fund Employment. With this form, individuals can provide information about their skills, work experience, training, etc., so that military officials can determine how the skills of the individual fit for their job, and for personnel actions after employment;
  • DA Form 4187, Personnel Action. This DA form is supposed to be used by soldiers when they want to request a personnel action on their own behalf. The principal purpose of the form is to initiate the processing of the requested personnel action, such as ranger training, airborne training, exchange reassignment, etc.; 
  • DA Form 4856, Developmental Counseling Form. This form can be used to document any counseling sessions that take place between counselors and military personnel. The form’s content is not supposed to be disclosed;
  • DA Form 5500, Body Fat Content Worksheet. This document is supposed to be used for evaluating soldiers who are enrolled in the Army Weight Control Program. The form contains information about the percentage of body fat of a service member and can be applied only to male service members;
  • DA Form 5960, Authorization to Start, Stop, or Change Basic Allowance for Quarters (BAQ), and/or Variable Housing Allowance (VHA). Service members can use this document to authorize military officials to start or stop paying BAQ or VHA. This document can also be used to adjust allowances and contains information about the service member’s dependency, dependants, expenses, etc.

Browse DA Forms by Number

Check in monthly for updates and revised forms being added to our ever-growing library of Army publications. Browse the full scope of official up-to-date DA Forms sorted by publication number by following the links below.

How to Use Fillable DA Forms?

Some of the latest DA Forms are populated with fillable fields. These forms can be filled in directly in your browser or through a PDF-viewing software of your choice (preferably, the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Some interactive PDF features (like e-signatures and verification) are not browser-friendly. If you're seeing a "Please wait..." message when trying to view the file in your browser, download it to your computer. Once the file is downloaded, open the PDF using the Adobe Reader desktop application to access all of its features.

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This form is used for considering the diversion of major items, excluding ammunition.

This form is used in cases of an injury, illness or death during Active Duty, Inactive Duty Training (IDT) or traveling to and from IDT for the purpose of Line of Duty investigations (LDI).

This form is used for documenting the understanding and agreement between an Army service member and the Army regarding the use of tuition assistance for education purposes.

This document is used for capturing supplemental medical data in the medical records of U.S. Army personnel at General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital.

This form is used for recording the daily time of volunteers in the military.

This is a form used by the unit leaders to help organize and structure military counseling sessions.

This form is used by the U.S. Army in order to keep track of transmittal records of Army property shipped from a receiving party to a shipping party. The form is filled out by the shipper.

This form was first adopted in 1997 for officer evaluation. It is still used to rate officers' competence, physical and mental condition, leadership abilities and their potential for promotion.

This is a U.S. Army document used as a notice about the delegation of authority for receiving supplies. The form can be used to designate authority to sign for supplies or to remove personnel from the list of authorized individuals.

This form was previously used for documenting and identifying personal high-value property. This includes any personal possession estimated at around $50 or more.

This document is used for tracking and recording financial liability investigations related to property loss in the military.

This document is used for recording the load information of military vehicles. It includes details such as weight, dimensions, and vehicle identification information. It helps ensure that vehicles are loaded and operated safely and in compliance with regulations.

This document is used for recording of physical evidence on property in order to maintain a chain of custody on seized, impounded, or retained property and to record found property recovered by the Army Law Enforcement (LE).

This is a document used for additional recording of transactions of organizational and individual equipment between the soldier and the Property Book Officer (PBO).

This is a form used by service members unable to provide care for their families and seeking assistance and substitution while they are on active duty.

This document is filled out by a guardian and signifies their agreement to care for a child or children in the absence of their parents.

This is a non-mandatory form used for evaluating a trainee's progression and performance required for each Graduate Medical Education (GME) program participant.

This form is used to document any supplementary action taken by an appropriate authority to vacate, mitigate, suspend, remit, or set aside a punishment.

This Form is used for conducting inspections of Unit Mail Rooms (UMR), Consolidated Mail Rooms (CMR), and Postal Service Centers (PSC).

This form is used to initiate a Field Medical Card in the military. It helps to track medical information and treatment during field operations.

This is a form is used to obtain the agreement of both parents on the custodial arrangements expressed on their Family Care Plan.

This form used to be a U.S. Army worksheet for recording composite risk management. As of today, the DA Form 7566 CRM has been rescinded - all units must use DD Form 2977, Deliberate Risk Assessment Worksheet.

This form is used for a yearly evaluation of a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO). It is completed and signed by a supervising officer.

This document is required for a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) yearly evaluation along with DA Form 2166-8, NCO Evaluation Report.

This form - closely related to the DA Form 5500 - is used for recording the percentage of body fat of a female service member.

This form is used for listing U.S. Army inventory issued to a certain person or company. This particular form serves as a continuation sheet for the main DA Form 3161.

This document is a Composite Risk Management Worksheet used by the Defense Acquisition (DA) in the United States. It helps assess risks and develop plans to mitigate them.

The form is used to describe a medical condition of a service member in order to protect them from aggravating their physical condition caused by an injury or illness when performing required duties.

This document is used for applying for an appointment in the military. It provides instructions on how to fill out and submit the DA Form 61.

This is an official form that documents personnel evaluation and screening to get army personnel cleared to work with Command Oriented Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives

This form is used for confirming that a service member suspected or accused of a crime was informed and advised on their rights before proceeding to questioning.

This form is used by the U.S. Army for evaluating the performance of students attending army service schools.

This is a form used for recording of receipts and issues of petroleum products from and to U.S. Army vehicles.

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