The Department of the Army (DA) is one of the three military departments within the United States Department of Defense. The United States Army is organized within the Department of the Army and is led by the Secretary of the Army, who has statutory authority to conduct the department’s affairs and prescribe inner regulations.

The Department of the Army focuses on land operations. It organizes, equips, and trains Active Duty and Reserve forces to maintain the security of and defend the United States of America.

Popular Department of the Army (DA) Forms

Department of Army Forms can be helpful for those individuals who are members of the military personnel and are looking into solving different situations that occurred while they were employed. Common DA forms that are used most often include the following:

  • DA Form 31, Request and Authority for Leave. If an army member would like to request leave from their post, they can use this document. DA Form 31 is applicable to those situations when, for example, a soldier wants to use some of their vacation leave or has an emergency; 
  • DA Form 638, Recommendation for Award. Any service member can recommend another service member for different awards with this form if they personally know of their achievements or remarkable acts. However, they cannot recommend themselves as the army does not permit self-recognition;
  • DA Form 705, Army Physical Fitness Test Scorecard. The purpose of this form is to maintain a record of a service member’s scores on physical fitness events. It can be used to track the results of the Army Physical Fitness Test and evaluate whether the soldier has passed it;
  • DA Form 2062, Hand Receipt/Annex Number. This document is supposed to be used to track army property and must be provided to every army unit commander that has army property in possession. After receiving the document, the army unit commander (or the appointed hand receipt holder) is supposed to record and list the army property they have;
  • DA Form 3433, Application for Nonappropriated Fund Employment. With this form, individuals can provide information about their skills, work experience, training, etc., so that military officials can determine how the skills of the individual fit for their job, and for personnel actions after employment;
  • DA Form 4187, Personnel Action. This DA form is supposed to be used by soldiers when they want to request a personnel action on their own behalf. The principal purpose of the form is to initiate the processing of the requested personnel action, such as ranger training, airborne training, exchange reassignment, etc.; 
  • DA Form 4856, Developmental Counseling Form. This form can be used to document any counseling sessions that take place between counselors and military personnel. The form’s content is not supposed to be disclosed;
  • DA Form 5500, Body Fat Content Worksheet. This document is supposed to be used for evaluating soldiers who are enrolled in the Army Weight Control Program. The form contains information about the percentage of body fat of a service member and can be applied only to male service members;
  • DA Form 5960, Authorization to Start, Stop, or Change Basic Allowance for Quarters (BAQ), and/or Variable Housing Allowance (VHA). Service members can use this document to authorize military officials to start or stop paying BAQ or VHA. This document can also be used to adjust allowances and contains information about the service member’s dependency, dependants, expenses, etc.

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How to Use Fillable DA Forms?

Some of the latest DA Forms are populated with fillable fields. These forms can be filled in directly in your browser or through a PDF-viewing software of your choice (preferably, the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Some interactive PDF features (like e-signatures and verification) are not browser-friendly. If you're seeing a "Please wait..." message when trying to view the file in your browser, download it to your computer. Once the file is downloaded, open the PDF using the Adobe Reader desktop application to access all of its features.

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DA Form IMT WF1 "Hurt Feelings Report"

Rate (4.3 / 5) 66 votes
Size: 88 KB
1 page

This is a form issued by the Department of the Army released to commemorate April Fool's Day in 1989.

DA Form 6 "Duty Roster"

Rate (4.7 / 5) 172 votes
Size: 47 KB
1 page

Download this form to schedule and track work schedules for service members at all levels.

DA Form 12 "Request for Establishment of a Publications Account"

Rate (4.7 / 5) 150 votes
Size: 35 KB
1 page

This form is used for requesting an Army publication account number or changing it in order to request a publication and/or blank forms through the Army ordering system.

DA Form 71 "Oath of Office - Military Personnel"

Rate (4.7 / 5) 213 votes
Size: 47 KB
1 page

Use this form if you are a newly-appointed officer in order to create a record of the date of acceptance of appointment.

DA Form 31 "Request and Authority for Leave"

Rate (4.7 / 5) 215 votes
Size: 308 KB
1 page

This form is used to request permission for temporary military leave. This form can be used to request an emergency leave, a vacation, travel, or an extended pass.

DA Form 61 "Application for Appointment"

Rate (4.7 / 5) 163 votes
Size: 178 KB
4 pages

The purpose of this form is to obtain appointment in the position of warrant officer in the Army Reserve or the Army. It may also be used to possibly obtain a selection to attend the U.S Army Officer Candidate School.

DA Form 87 "Certificate of Training"

Rate (4.3 / 5) 68 votes
Size: 415 KB
1 page

This is a certificate given to service members after they have successfully completed certain Army training. These certificates are maintained in the Digital Training Management System (DTMS).

DA Form 759 "Individual Flight Record and Flight Crew Certificate-Army (Flight Hours)"

Rate (4.4 / 5) 58 votes
Size: 32 KB
2 pages

This form is used to close out flight records and is required for individuals on flight status. The form is generated by Centralized Aviation Flight Records System (CAFRS) for each soldier on flying status when closing records.

DA Form 638 "Recommendation for Award"

Rate (4.5 / 5) 180 votes
Size: 158 KB
3 pages

This document is used to recommend a soldier for most awards, except wartime awards, awards for valor and heroism.

DA Form 268 "Report to Suspend Favorable Personnel Actions (Flag)"

Rate (4.8 / 5) 57 votes
Size: 46 KB
1 page

This form is used for adding or removing flags from a service member's record. A flag is an administrative measure implemented during disciplinary and administrative investigations within the U.S. Army.

DA Form 200 "Transmittal Record"

Rate (4.7 / 5) 161 votes
Size: 56 KB
1 page

This form is used by the U.S. Army in order to keep track of transmittal records of Army property shipped from a receiving party to a shipping party. The form is filled out by the shipper.

DA Form 348 "Equipment Operator's Qualification Record (Except Aircraft)"

Rate (4.6 / 5) 40 votes
Size: 143 KB
2 pages

Download this form if you wish to determine the equipment operating qualifications and driving experience of a service member.

DA Form 160 "Application for Active Duty"

Rate (4.5 / 5) 181 votes
Size: 59 KB
2 pages

This form is used by U.S. Reserve Duty soldiers to apply for active duty (full-time service) programs. Also used to schedule medical examinations, security screening and to issue active duty orders.

DA Form 647 "Personnel Register"

Rate (4.6 / 5) 189 votes
Size: 298 KB
2 pages

This is a source document for the Electronic Military Personnel Office (eMILPO), which is used for documenting personnel movements within units when performing a permanent change of the station (PCS) or carrying out temporary duty.

DA Form 705 "Army Physical Fitness Test Scorecard"

Rate (4.5 / 5) 182 votes
Size: 1 MB
2 pages

This form is used to score, track and calculate the results of the Army Physical Fitness Tests to see if the service member passed the requirements.

DA Form 285 "Technical Report of U.S. Army Ground Accident"

Rate (4.5 / 5) 91 votes
Size: 451 KB
5 pages

This form is used by supervisors to report any accident that happened on U.S. Army grounds and resulted in a serious injury, death or damage to property and equipment.

DA Form 330 "Language Proficiency Questionnaire"

Rate (4.7 / 5) 75 votes
Size: 97 KB
2 pages

This is an official form that records the results of foreign language proficiency tests undergone by U.S. Army personnel.

DA Form 2-1 "Personnel Qualification Record"

Rate (4.5 / 5) 66 votes
Size: 222 KB
4 pages

This is a version of a service member's individual record brief used for recording assignment and family data and information about service and training.

DA Form 4689 "Civilian Service Commendation Medal"

Rate (4.7 / 5) 59 votes
Size: 1 MB
1 page

This is an award given to civilian employees within the U.S. Army for outstanding performance and excellence.

DA Form 5655 "Meritorious Civilian Service Medal"

Rate (4.3 / 5) 25 votes
Size: 1 MB
1 page

This is a medal granted to civilian employees within the federal agencies of the U.S. Government for superior service or outstanding achievement, as well as for heroism of a lesser degree.

DA Form 3739 "Application for Compassionate Actions"

Rate (4.7 / 5) 76 votes
Size: 54 KB
3 pages

Download this form to request a compassionate action if a service member has extreme family problems. This may be a reassignment, detention, a deferment or a permissive attachment based on the specific circumstances.

DA Form 1380 "Record of Individual Performance of Reserve Duty Training"

Rate (4.5 / 5) 158 votes
Size: 39 KB
2 pages

This is a form required for all dental and medical-readiness period payments to reservists assigned to U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) units.

DA Form 1559 "Inspector General Action Request"

Rate (4.7 / 5) 184 votes
Size: 60 KB
1 page

This form is used by Inspectors general, Department of Defense civilian employees and Soldiers for presenting complaints, grievances or requests for assistance, advice, or information.

DA Form 1307 "Individual Jump Record"

Rate (4.6 / 5) 223 votes
Size: 106 KB
2 pages

This form is used for recording parachute jumps performed by U.S. Army soldiers. The results recorded on the form are used to determine eligibility for receiving parachutist badges and awards.

DA Form 4836 "Oath of Extension of Enlistment or Reenlistment"

Rate (4.5 / 5) 81 votes
Size: 47 KB
1 page

This form is used by members of the Army National Guard (ARNG) or the U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) that in order to extend their current enlistment or reenlistment agreement.

DA Form 3161 "Request for Issue or Turn-In"

Rate (4.8 / 5) 172 votes
Size: 35 KB
1 page

This is an Army form used for detailing supplies that are to be turned in or are being issued to a certain party.

DA Form 1058 "Application for Active Duty for Training, Active Duty for Operational Support, and Annual Training for Soldiers of the Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve"

Rate (4.5 / 5) 229 votes
Size: 42 KB
2 pages

This form is used for determining eligibility and schedule individuals for active duty either for special work or for training on requested dates.

DA Form 3822 "Report of Mental Status Evaluation"

Rate (4.4 / 5) 198 votes
Size: 42 KB
2 pages

Use this form to record the results of a service member's behavioral health assessment. This document is employed in the Army as a mental status evaluation form, as it incorporates key elements needed for proper diagnosis of the service member's mental health.

DA Form 7652 "Disability Evaluation System (DES) Commander's Performance and Functional Statement"

Rate (4.5 / 5) 202 votes
Size: 54 KB
3 pages

Fill out this form to record information on the impact of a medical impairment on the ability of a service member to perform their duties in the U.S. Army.

DA Form 3595 "Record Fire Scorecard"

Rate (4.8 / 5) 198 votes
Size: 46 KB
2 pages

This form is used for keeping a record of a service member's shooting skills in order to ensure that all members of the U.S. Armed Forces are properly trained in firing guns.

DA Form 5790 "Record Firing Scorecard - Scaled Target Alternate Course"

Rate (4.8 / 5) 81 votes
Size: 173 KB
2 pages

Download this form used for recording scores during alternate qualification courses.

DA Form 5789 "Record Fire Scorecard-Known Distance Course"

Rate (4.6 / 5) 116 votes
Size: 91 KB
2 pages

Use this form to record firing scores during Known Distance (KD) range courses - one of the two Army-authorized alternate record fire courses.

DA Form 4126 "Bar to Continued Service"

Rate (4.7 / 5) 132 votes
Size: 45 KB
2 pages

This Army form is used to place a service member on notice that their continued service may not be in the Army's best interest.

DA Form 3437 "Department of the Army Nonappropriated Funds Certificate of Medical Examination"

Rate (4.7 / 5) 151 votes
Size: 66 KB
7 pages

This Army form is used to record the results of a pre-employment physical examination of federal (NAF) employees. The certificate can also be used during periodic job-related physical tests.

DA Form 3508 "Application for Remission or Cancellation of Indebtedness"

Rate (4.7 / 5) 93 votes
Size: 110 KB
7 pages

This is the form used by service members in order to apply for reduction or cancellation of their debts to the U.S. Government if the debts were incurred due to injustice or if suffering extreme hardship as a result of indebtedness.

DA Form 4591 "Retention Counseling Record"

Rate (4.6 / 5) 87 votes
Size: 37 KB
2 pages

This form is used by commanders and career counselors to record the results of retention counseling as part of the Army Retention Program.

DA Form 5517 "Standard Range Card"

Rate (4.3 / 5) 170 votes
Size: 90 KB
1 page

The purpose of the document is to help in planning and controlling fires, and help squad gunners and their crew reach their targets when visibility is limited.

DA Form 3540 "Certificate and Acknowledgement of U.S. Army Reserve Service Requirements and Methods of Fulfillment"

Rate (4.6 / 5) 88 votes
Size: 101 KB
7 pages

This form is given to service members to explain their military obligation, the methods of fulfilling that obligation, and participation requirements, and to confirm obligation requirements.

DA Form 3433 "Application for Nonappropriated Fund Employment"

Rate (4.6 / 5) 262 votes
Size: 72 KB
5 pages

This form is used by military personnel applying for federal employment (NAF). It serves the same purpose as a resume, i.e. to evaluate if the skills and experience of an applicant fit a certain position.

DA Form 5513 "Key Control Register and Inventory"

Rate (4.8 / 5) 134 votes
Size: 77 KB
3 pages

This document is required for keeping a record of Key Control Numbers in a particular Army unit. The numbers could be any kind of identifying or serial number assigned to a certain item.