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The United States Army - formerly called the U.S. Department of the Army (DA) - is a federal governmental body in the U.S. that manages the process of organizing and training army forces. Due to its main functions, the department maintains a wide range of different forms that are supposed to make the procedure of preparing forces easier.

United States Army Forms and other Army publications are essential in accessing Active Duty and Veterans' benefits, special tax considerations, home loans, and discounts U.S. service members and Veterans may be eligible for.

United States Army - DA Forms

The Army Publishing Directorate is the official online database of the U.S. Army Publishing Agency (USAPA) that hosts the information on the latest army forms and publications available to date.

Printable and fillable PDF versions of most U.S. Army DA Forms are available for download via our online DA Forms library. Browse by form number or title to access up-to-date printables along with step-by-step filing instructions and tips on accessing military benefits.

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The U.S. Army provides a system of printable documents that can be used in various situations. Some forms are supposed to be submitted on a regular basis (monthly or annually), while others can be filed only when service members are required to do so by military officials. These forms can be used to obtain information about individuals that would like to join the armed force or have already joined them, to score and track their physic, to award them for their acts, and for other reasons.

Browse the links below to access printable U.S. Army Forms issued by the various subdivisions, offices, and agencies within the U.S. Military.

You can contact the U.S. Army directly through their official feedback form by providing your personal contact information and a topic of inquiry. Most general military questions can be found on the Department of Defense Frequently Asked Questions page. The headquarters of the U.S. Army is located at 1500 Defense Pentagon Washington, DC 20310. Call the Army toll-free hotline at 1-800-872-2769.

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This form is used in cases of an injury, illness or death during Active Duty, Inactive Duty Training (IDT) or traveling to and from IDT for the purpose of Line of Duty investigations (LDI).

This type of document is used for the distribution of a memorandum within an organization. It provides a template for formatting and organizing the information in a clear and concise manner.

This form is used for documenting the understanding and agreement between an Army service member and the Army regarding the use of tuition assistance for education purposes.

This document is used for capturing supplemental medical data in the medical records of U.S. Army personnel at General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital.

This form is used for recording the daily time of volunteers in the military.

This is a form used by the unit leaders to help organize and structure military counseling sessions.

This form is used by the U.S. Army in order to keep track of transmittal records of Army property shipped from a receiving party to a shipping party. The form is filled out by the shipper.

This form was first adopted in 1997 for officer evaluation. It is still used to rate officers' competence, physical and mental condition, leadership abilities and their potential for promotion.

This is a U.S. Army document used as a notice about the delegation of authority for receiving supplies. The form can be used to designate authority to sign for supplies or to remove personnel from the list of authorized individuals.

This form was previously used for documenting and identifying personal high-value property. This includes any personal possession estimated at around $50 or more.

This document is used for tracking and recording financial liability investigations related to property loss in the military.

This document is used for recording the load information of military vehicles. It includes details such as weight, dimensions, and vehicle identification information. It helps ensure that vehicles are loaded and operated safely and in compliance with regulations.

This document is used for recording of physical evidence on property in order to maintain a chain of custody on seized, impounded, or retained property and to record found property recovered by the Army Law Enforcement (LE).

This is a document used for additional recording of transactions of organizational and individual equipment between the soldier and the Property Book Officer (PBO).

This is a form used by service members unable to provide care for their families and seeking assistance and substitution while they are on active duty.

This document is filled out by a guardian and signifies their agreement to care for a child or children in the absence of their parents.

Use this document along with the DA Form 67-9, Officer Evaluation Report, during the process of officer evaluation.

This is a non-mandatory form used for evaluating a trainee's progression and performance required for each Graduate Medical Education (GME) program participant.

This form is used to document any supplementary action taken by an appropriate authority to vacate, mitigate, suspend, remit, or set aside a punishment.

This Form is used for conducting inspections of Unit Mail Rooms (UMR), Consolidated Mail Rooms (CMR), and Postal Service Centers (PSC).

This Form is used for keeping a record of supply actions. It helps to track and manage documents related to supply operations.

This form is used to initiate a Field Medical Card in the military. It helps to track medical information and treatment during field operations.

This is a form is used to obtain the agreement of both parents on the custodial arrangements expressed on their Family Care Plan.

This document provides a chart showing the different sizes of units within the US Army. It provides valuable information on the organization and structure of Army units.

This document is a JROTC in-ranks inspection worksheet with answers. It is used for evaluating students' appearance, knowledge, and understanding of JROTC regulations and procedures during an inspection.

This form used to be a U.S. Army worksheet for recording composite risk management. As of today, the DA Form 7566 CRM has been rescinded - all units must use DD Form 2977, Deliberate Risk Assessment Worksheet.

This form is used for a yearly evaluation of a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO). It is completed and signed by a supervising officer.

This document is required for a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) yearly evaluation along with DA Form 2166-8, NCO Evaluation Report.

This document is related to the DA Form 5501 and is used for recording the percentage of body fat of a male service member.

This form - closely related to the DA Form 5500 - is used for recording the percentage of body fat of a female service member.

This form is used for listing U.S. Army inventory issued to a certain person or company. This particular form serves as a continuation sheet for the main DA Form 3161.

This document is a Composite Risk Management Worksheet used by the Defense Acquisition (DA) in the United States. It helps assess risks and develop plans to mitigate them.

The form is used to describe a medical condition of a service member in order to protect them from aggravating their physical condition caused by an injury or illness when performing required duties.

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