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What Is DA Form 67 Series?

Since April 2014, the U.S. Department of the Army (DA) has changed their officer evaluation reporting system to a new format to analyze and rate officer performances in a manner more in line with Army doctrine, moving away from the DA 67-9 Forms and switching to the four new DA 67-10 Forms.

The key difference is the method of data collection: DA Form 67-9 was a universal form regardless of the rank of the officer being rated while the DA Form 67-10 Series is divided into “grade plates”, separating the officers into four groups by rank. DA Form 67-9, Officer Evaluation Report is still listed as active on the Army Publishing Directorate and may be used. All versions of the previously-used and current fillable DA 67 Forms are available for download and digital filing below or can be accessed through the Army Publishing Directorate website.

Alternate Name:

  • U.S. Army Officer Evaluation Reports.

The Army officer evaluation process is a series of actions and assessments used to measure an officer’s ability to lead by example and their potential for promotion. This evaluation includes an assessment of ethics, character, mental and physical characteristics, leadership skills, and the understanding of core Army values. This information is recorded in a series of reports, which are then forwarded to the Department of Army Headquarters (HQDA). These reports are a means of providing the HQDA with all of the relevant information about the officers’ performance.

The DA 67 Forms should be confused with DD Form 67, Form Processing Action Request. The DD 67 is a form released by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and is used to request the issuance of a new Army-related form and to cancel or renew an existing one.

What Is an Officer Evaluation Report?

U.S. Army Officer Evaluation Reports are prepared by the rating chain, which includes the rater and senior rater. Sometimes, if necessary, an intermediate rater can take part in the process. The rating period lasts for at least 90 days.

At the beginning of this period, the officer receives a copy of the support form, where they must accurately describe their duties and responsibilities before handing in this copy during a face-to-face discussion with the raters. During the rating period, the officer must perform their duties as usual, but under supervision. Face-to-face counseling is also part of the process. At the end of the assessment, the officer must sign the report and add comments if they feel the need to do so.




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This form was first adopted in 1997 for officer evaluation. It is still used to rate officers' competence, physical and mental condition, leadership abilities and their potential for promotion.

This document is used for providing the Department of Army Headquarters (HQDA) with information about officers' competence and potential for promotion.

This document is used during the process of officer evaluation and assists the rating chain on the performance and potential assessments of a rated officer.

Use this form to provide the Department of Army Headquarters (HQDA) with information about the rated officer's competence, mental and physical condition and potential for promotion.

This version of the evaluation report is used for evaluating brigadier generals (BG) and higher-ranking officers.

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