Officer Evaluation Report Templates

The Officer Evaluation Report is a crucial document collection used by various countries, including the USA and Canada, to assess the performance and potential of military officers. Also known as the OER, this collection consists of a series of forms and instructions designed to provide a comprehensive evaluation of an officer's accomplishments and capabilities.

The Officer Evaluation Report forms ensure consistent and fair assessment across different ranks, from company-grade officers to strategic-grade officers. Each form captures specific details and criteria relevant to the officer's respective grade and position.

For instance, the DA Form 67-9 Officer Evaluation Report offers a standardized format for assessing officers across multiple domains, including leadership, character, and presence. Similarly, the DA Form 67-10-1 and DA Form 67-10-1A capture information specific to company-grade officers, allowing for a more detailed evaluation and support form.

Additionally, the Officer Evaluation Report collection encompasses distinct evaluations for officers in strategic positions, such as the DA Form 67-10-3 Strategic Grade Plate. This form addresses unique criteria and responsibilities pertinent to high-ranking officers, ensuring their performance is accurately assessed.

The instructions accompanying these forms, such as the Instructions for Form CG-5310A Officer Evaluation Report, provide valuable guidance to evaluating officers and ensure uniformity and consistency throughout the assessment process.

The Officer Evaluation Report collection is instrumental in identifying officers' strengths, areas for improvement, and overall potential for career advancement. These reports play a significant role in guiding career decisions, promotions, assignments, and future professional development opportunities.

Whether you are an officer seeking to navigate your career path or an evaluating authority responsible for assessing officer performance, understanding and utilizing the Officer Evaluation Report collection is essential. The meticulous nature of these evaluations guarantees that officers receive fair recognition for their achievements and have the opportunity to grow and excel within their respective military organizations.




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This form was first adopted in 1997 for officer evaluation. It is still used to rate officers' competence, physical and mental condition, leadership abilities and their potential for promotion.

This document is used for giving evaluations and ratings to officers in the W2-w3 and O2-o5 ranks. The instructions provide guidance on how to complete the Officer Evaluation Report form CG-5310A.

This document is used for providing the Department of Army Headquarters (HQDA) with information about officers' competence and potential for promotion.

This document is used during the process of officer evaluation and assists the rating chain on the performance and potential assessments of a rated officer.

Use this form to provide the Department of Army Headquarters (HQDA) with information about the rated officer's competence, mental and physical condition and potential for promotion.

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