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The Army Officer Evaluation Reporting (OER) System was introduced as a way of identifying and rewarding talent in skilled and promising officers within the United States Army. The rating chain consists of the rated officer and several raters tasked with assessing the officer’s performance. The rating is conducted via three DA 67-9 Forms supplied by the U.S. Department of the Army (DA).

What Is DA Form 67-9 Series?

The rated officers' responsibilities include performing each and every assigned duty, discussing performance objectives with their raters during the course of the evaluation, and recording their duties, objectives, and contributions on DA Form 67-9-1 and DA Form 67-9-1A at the end of the evaluation period. The rater in charge of the evaluation has to counsel the rated officer throughout the evaluation period, provide the required paperwork, discuss the scope of duties and record the rated officer’s performance and potential for growth on DA Form 67-9.

Alternate Name:

  • OER Forms.

Fillable versions of the DA 67-9 Forms are available for download below. The series consists of three forms in total:

  1. DA Form 67-9, Officer Evaluation Report, an OER Form that contains all of the data on the rated officer’s competence, physical and mental condition, leadership abilities, and potential for promotion gathered during the evaluation period. The form is universal for any rank of the rated officer and was introduced in October 2011 as a replacement for the outdated DA Form 67-8, U.S. Army Officer Evaluation Report .
  2. DA Form 67-9-1, Officer Evaluation Report Support Form, a supporting form used during the officer evaluation process together with DA Form 67-9. The form is filed by the rated officer and provides their own evaluation of their personal abilities, valuable skills, responsibilities, and achievements.
  3. DA Form 67-9-1A, Developmental Support Form, an optional part of the process of preparing an OER but is mandatory when evaluating junior officers - captains, lieutenants, and warrant officers one.

In April 2014, the U.S. Army changed their officer evaluation reporting forms to a new format switching from the still active DA Form 67-9 Series to the DA Form 67-10 Series. The DA 67-10 Series includes several forms divided into grade plates or groups of grades. These include Company Grade Officers (2LT-CPT & WO1-CW2), Field Grade Officers (MAJ-LTC & CW3-CW5), and Strategic Level Officers, separated into COL and GO reports.




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This form was first adopted in 1997 for officer evaluation. It is still used to rate officers' competence, physical and mental condition, leadership abilities and their potential for promotion.

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