United States Coast Guard Forms

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Coast Guard Forms

USCG forms - often referred to as USCGAUX forms - are the forms and publications released by and used within the United States Coast Guard - a USAF branch and one of the seven uniformed services operating within the country. The United States Coast Guard is the main publishing body for the CG forms used within the agency for administrative, promotional, evaluating and tracking purposes.

The Coast Guard forms library hosts the most current editions of all commonly used documents and publications in PDF format available through the links below. Check in regularly for updates, new step-by-step filing walkthroughs, and additional related paperwork being added monthly.

United States Coast Guard

The U.S. Coast Guard is a branch of the Armed Forces with a goal to protect the safety and security of the United States and its citizens. The agency is in charge of overseeing the marine transportation system, protecting ports, coasts and inland waterways and maintaining the country’s territorial integrity. 

The Coast Guard is the nation's maritime first responder with headquarters located at the Douglas A. Munro Coast Guard Headquarters Building in Washington, D.C. The agency is the world’s 12th biggest naval force with the total personnel count of more than 87 thousand employees and a fleet of over 250 ships along with 1650 smaller vessels and 201 aircraft.

Enlisting personnel can choose from a host of diverse and challenging employment occupations from law enforcement and executive positions to the more technical and intelligence-centered career opportunities. Along with its Active Duty personnel, the USCG has its own operationally capable and deployment-ready reserve forces trained to support the local and global missions of the agency.