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Are you a member of the armed forces who has performed active duty? Do you need to access important documents and forms related to your active duty service? Look no further! Our comprehensive collection of active duty documents is exactly what you're looking for.

Whether you're applying for discharge, seeking incentives, or addressing family care planning, our active duty documents have got you covered. With forms such as the DD Form 2168 Application for Discharge, USAREC Form 601-37.56 Active Duty Incentives Declaration, and DA Form 5304 Family Care Plan Counseling Checklist, you can easily navigate the administrative side of your active duty service.

And that's not all! Our collection also includes documents like the NAVPERS Form 1070/622 Agreement to Recall or Extend Active Duty and the Form AOC-G-250 Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Declaration. These documents ensure that you are informed and protected throughout your active duty journey.

Don't waste any more time searching for scattered forms and documents elsewhere. With our active duty document collection, you can access all the necessary paperwork you need in one convenient place. Trust us to provide you with the resources you need to make your active duty experience as seamless as possible.

So, whether you're looking for active duty forms, active duty documents, or any other related paperwork, look no further! Explore our collection today and take the first step towards a smoother active duty journey.




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This document is a packet of finance forms for active duty personnel in the Air University. It includes various forms related to financial matters such as travel reimbursement, payroll, and allowances.

This document is used for applying for in-state residency status at the University at Buffalo in Buffalo, New York. It is specifically for active duty military personnel and veterans.

This form is used for Oregon residents who are active duty military service members to claim an exemption on their taxes.

The information from this form will be used to establish entitlement by eligible members of the Selected Reserve to Montgomery GI Bill Educational Assistance benefits.

This form is used by U.S. Reserve Duty soldiers to apply for active duty (full-time service) programs. Also used to schedule medical examinations, security screening and to issue active duty orders.

This form is used to assist the Secretary of the Armed Force in issuing a certificate of service to a service member in case they performed active military service.

This form is used by service members for an application for Outside Continental United States (OCONUS) tours, including their family members.

This document is a summary report for recruiting resources for service in the military. It includes information for both active duty personnel, as well as those in the reserve or National Guard.

This document provides enlisted recruiting advertising resources for the Service/Active, Reserve, or National Guard. It is used to assist in attracting new recruits to join the enlisted ranks.

This document is used for collecting and recording personnel data for individuals enlisting in the military, including whether they are entering the service as active duty, reserve, or National Guard.

This document is a form used for accessing advertising resources for officer recruitment in the military, specifically for service members in the active duty, reserve, or National Guard.

This form is used for applying for a Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) for active duty military members in Michigan. It is an affidavit that helps military personnel receive property tax exemptions for their primary residence while they are serving.

This document is a checklist used for the Active Duty Student Program application in the Army Medical Department. It helps ensure that all necessary documents are included in the application.

This document is used for enrolling in the Army Active Duty Health Professions Loan Repayment Program. It includes a letter of intent and a checklist.

This document is used for declaring the statement for active duty incentives for specific categories in the US Army such as Dc, Mc, Ms, Sp, and Vc.

This form is used for requesting an excise tax exemption in Maine for active duty military personnel stationed in the state.

This form is used for military notification in the state of Maryland. It contains information about notifying the military of a resident's deployment or military service.

This is a checklist used to make certain that troops have plans set up for the well-being of their relatives in the case of a deployment, brief duty assignment, or other events which might demand their departure.

This form is a correction to the DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty and is used to correct errors or make additions to a DD Form 214 in order to assure that the veteran has accurate discharge documentation.

This form, generally referred to as a "DD 214", is a document issued upon a military service member's retirement, separation, or discharge from active duty in the Armed Forces.

The form is part of a series of ID cards and is used for Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Medal of Honor recipients, and former service members in receipt of retired pay along with several other categories of service members.

This document is an application form for individuals serving in the Armed Forces and Coast Guard in New Hampshire to obtain a temporary fishing and game license from the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department.

This form is used for applying for active duty training specifically for RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) tours.

This type of document, AF Form 2631 Palace Chase Statement of Understanding, is used for outlining the terms and conditions of transitioning from active duty in the U.S. Air Force to reserve duty.

This Form is used for acknowledging the Active Duty Service Commitment (ADSC) and its conditions.

This Form is used for reporting and documenting sexual assault incidents involving active duty military personnel. It serves as a checklist to ensure all necessary information is collected.

This document is used to provide a sworn statement regarding military active duty service in the state of Texas.

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