United States Tax Forms and Templates

United States Tax Forms are documents that individuals and businesses use to report their income and calculate the amount of taxes they owe to the federal government. These forms are used to provide the necessary information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to determine an individual's or business's tax liability for a given tax year. The forms cover various aspects of taxation, including income, deductions, credits, and tax payments.




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This is a legal document completed by a taxable entity that does not owe any taxes to the State of Texas for the report year. This form was released by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

This is a California tax form required for all real estate sales or transfers for which you, the seller/ transferor, are claiming an exemption due to a loss or zero gain or if you elect an optional gain on sale withholding amount.

This form is used for reporting income tax withholding on the sale of real property in Maryland by nonresidents.

This Form is used for reporting and withholding taxes on real estate transactions in California.

This form is used for residents of Maryland to declare their estimated income tax for the year. It allows individuals to calculate and submit their projected income tax liability to the state.

This document provides instructions for estimating Pennsylvania personal income tax. It guides taxpayers on how to accurately calculate and report their estimated tax liability.

This Form is used for estimating the Pennsylvania personal income tax nonresident withholding for individuals. It provides instructions on how to calculate and pay the appropriate amount of withholding tax for nonresident individuals in Pennsylvania.

This Form is used for reporting business personal property related to petroleum in the state of Oklahoma.

This document is used for declaring a Freeport exemption in the state of Oklahoma.

This form is used for non-participating manufacturers in West Virginia to provide a quarterly certificate of compliance.

This form is used for corporations and trusts in Oklahoma to declare their estimated tax payments.

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