Fill and Sign Maryland Legal Forms

State of Maryland Legal Forms are developed to cover situations that can come up during court litigations, employment, buying and selling different kinds of property, and so on. For a full list of free Maryland Legal Forms, please check out our library below.

Maryland State Departments

  1. Department of Aging
  2. Department of Agriculture
  3. Department of Assessments and Taxation
  4. Department of Budget and Management
  5. Department of Commerce
  6. Department of Disabilities
  7. Department of General Services
  8. Department of Health
  9. Department of Housing and Community Development
  10. Department of Human Services
  11. Department of Information Technology
  12. Department of Juvenile Services
  13. Department of Labor
  14. Department of Natural Resources
  15. Department of Planning
  16. Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services
  17. Department of the Environment
  18. Department of Transportation
  19. Department of Veterans Affairs
  20. State Department of Education

Maryland State Courts

  1. Courts
  2. Circuit Courts
  3. Court of Appeals
  4. District Court

Maryland State Agencies and Commissions

  1. Attorney General
  2. Financial Management Information Systems
  3. General Accounting Division
  4. Offices of the Registers Of Wills
  5. Public Service Commission
  6. Secretary of State
  7. State Board of Elections
  8. State Police
  9. Taxes
  10. Workers' Compensation Commission

Maryland Legal Forms by County

  1. Anne Arundel County Board of License Commissioners
  2. Cecil County Comptroller of Maryland Department of Emergency Services
  3. Kent County Department of Parks and Recreation
  4. Baltimore County Department of Permits, Approvals and Inspections
  5. Baltimore City Health Department
  6. Town of Ocean City Fire Marshal
  7. Carroll County Health Department
  8. Montgomery County Office of Human Resources
  9. Anne Arundel County Office of Planning and Zoning

Maryland legal forms include documents that help individuals and entities located in Maryland pursue their rights and execute their obligations. With the applications issued by different local government authorities they can:

  • Apply for a hunting license, fishing license, and other types of licenses, that will allow its owners to perform certain activities, including hunting in Maryland during certain periods of time. As well as harvesting crabs, oysters, clams, and using nature’s resources in Maryland in other ways;
  • File different types of taxes, apply for tax exemptions, register entities, apply for address changes and other services provided to the citizens and entities by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation;
  • Register a boat or any other type of vehicle, apply for license plates, request a copy of the record or a certificate of origin, and other types of supportive documentation that can be required to solve different issues;
  • Receive instructions and guidance on how to fill in and submit forms in accordance with official regulations and requirements, in addition to which documents should be attached to the forms so that they will be accepted by the authorities.

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You may use this legal document to title a vehicle in Maryland if this vehicle was given as a gift from one family member to another.

This form is the official state template issued by the Maryland Department of Transportation. It is used to verify and confirm the sale of a vehicle. It also provides essential information about the car and the terms and conditions of sale.

To title and register your vehicle, you need to submit this application, also known as the Maryland Vehicle Registration Form, certificate of origin, bill of sale, and odometer disclosure statement to the local Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) office.


This is a form used by eligible applicants to notify the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration of any change in their address for their Maryland driver's license.

This form is supposed to be used when an individual wants to designate a lien on an existing certificate of title in the state of Maryland.

This is a state official form issued by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR Services) that you must complete when selling or buying a boat in the state of Maryland. It contains important information about the parties of a transaction, as well as about the vessel being purchased.

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