Free Acknowledgment Forms and Templates

An Acknowledgment Form is drafted up to confirm that a notary public was present and witnessed an individual signing a specific document. The individual signing the document will have to present suitable photographic ID so that the notary public can confirm that they are indeed the intended person that should sign the document. Each state may have slightly different requirements and conditions for writing up this document, so ensure that you consider this when creating the document. In some instances, an Acknowledgment Form may be compulsory, particularly if you are dealing with the sale of a property.

Do not assume that this document acts as confirmation of the validity of the document in question. This form only legally confirms that the correct person has signed the document. It does not confirm the authenticity of the document itself. It is important to understand the difference between these two things as sometimes, people can easily confuse the two.

Notary Acknowledgment Forms by State

Alabama Hawaii Massachusetts New Mexico South Dakota
Alaska Idaho Michigan New York Tennessee
Arizona Illinois Minnesota North Carolina Texas
Arkansas Indiana Mississippi North Dakota Utah
California Iowa Missouri Ohio Vermont
Colorado Kansas Montana Oklahoma Virginia
Connecticut Kentucky Nebraska Oregon Washington
Delaware Louisiana Nevada Pennsylvania West Virginia
Florida Maine New Hampshire Rhode Island Wisconsin
Georgia Maryland New Jersey South Carolina Wyoming

Acknowledgment Form Types

  • Acknowledgment Form (generic). A generic Acknowledgment Form should contain information regarding the state, county, date and detail who they have witnessed sign the said form. Of course, a signature from the notary public is a must;
  • Notice and Acknowledgment of Receipt. This is a document used when summoning a party to court and should include information about the party being summoned along with any other relevant documentation. The receiving party should fill in part of the form to confirm receipt and mail it back;
  • Paternity Acknowledgment Form. This form should be signed by the father to legalize paternity and get access to certain parental rights in cases when the father and mother of a child are not married. If this is not done, the only other way to gain legal paternity would be through court.

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This document is a statement and acknowledgement of at-will employment, which is a type of employment relationship where employers can terminate employees without cause or notice, and employees can also resign without cause or notice.

This Form is used for visitors to acknowledge and accept the risks associated with a particular activity or event. It helps protect organizers and venue owners from liability in case of accidents or injuries.

This Form is used for disclosing and acknowledging the permitted activities that an individual is authorized to perform.

This Form is used for employees to acknowledge their participation in training sessions.

This document is used to acknowledge the receipt of a Request for Proposals (RFP).


This document is used to acknowledge receipt of a notice that explains how your personal information will be protected and used by a healthcare provider.


This form is used for concussion awareness in Maryland. It is an acknowledgement statement form for parents and student-athletes to acknowledge the risks and symptoms of concussions in sports activities.

This form is used for acknowledging receipt of a document, payment, or other items in the state of California. It serves as a legal record of the transaction.

This form is used to acknowledge the services provided by the American Red Cross. It is a way to formally recognize and express gratitude for the assistance given by the organization.


This document is used to acknowledge completion of safety training.

This Form is used for acknowledging various types of legal documents in the state of California. It can be used for contracts, agreements, deeds, and other legal papers.

This form is used for acknowledging safety rules and regulations.

This form is used for acknowledging the removal of warts using cryotherapy.

This Form is used for acknowledging the physiological needs of animals at the South Carolina Aquarium.

This form is used for employees to provide notification in the Philippines.

This document is used for obtaining acknowledgment from patients regarding their understanding of the terms and conditions of their medical treatment.

This Form is used for applying for an automatic knife for armed forces and law enforcement personnel only.

This Form is used for acknowledging the receipt of COBRA rights, which provide employees with the right to continue their health insurance coverage after leaving their job or experiencing certain life events.

This form is used for acknowledging the termination of a rental agreement with the King County Housing Authority in King County, Washington.

This document is used in Mississippi to acknowledge and address the issue of nepotism and relationships with related parties within organizations. It helps to ensure transparency and fairness in hiring and promotion processes.

This form is used for acknowledging and confirming the understanding of the Code of Ethical Conduct policy in Mississippi.

The purpose of this document is to verify the identity of an individual and confirm that they have signed the document willingly.

This type of form is used as confirmation that an employee has been notified and received documentation regarding certain necessary details which usually covers company rules, manual handbooks, any relevant agreements or payments.

Unmarried parents may use this type of form to officially legalize the father and establish this in the child's birth certificate where they will be listed as the biological father.

This type of form is used in Alabama to confirm someone's signature on a document, such as those concerning real estate, or any other document which would require notary confirmation.

This is a confirmatory document used in Alaska and attached to a legal document that needs to be signed in instances when these signatures need to be confirmed by a notary public.

This form is used in Arizona and signed by a notary public to confirm the authenticity of signatures contained within an important legal document.

This is a confirmatory document used in Arkansas that confirms the authenticity of an individual's signature.

This is an acknowledgment form used in California that acts as an affidavit that is added to a legal document.

This is a legal confirmation used in Colorado to prove that a specific legal document was signed and verified by a notary public which in turn, confirms the genuineness of a document.

By attaching this type of form to a document in Connecticut, there is legal confirmation that a notary public has witnessed and signed the legal document.

This form is used in Delaware to confirm the genuineness of the signatures present on a legal document.

This is a written, verified acknowledgment of the fact that a legal document has been signed according to laws of the state of Florida.

This type of form is used as a confirmatory document in Georgia, authenticating the signatures within a legal document.

This form is used in Hawaii and is a legal confirmation that the signatures present in a legal document are legitimate and were lawfully signed by the appropriate individuals.

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