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What Is a Consent Form? 

A Consent Form is a written document used in a variety of circumstances to make sure the person who signs it understand the consequences of the upcoming procedure or activity and to authorize another individual or entity to make necessary decisions with their permission, often on their behalf. It ensures third parties that the person who signed the papers is aware of the legal implications of their decision and knows about all the things that may go wrong during the visit to a doctor or the exploration of their past. 

How to Make a Consent Form? 

Whether you are going to the doctor, looking for a new job, or planning a trip with your child, you can find the most common Consent Forms in our guide. Choose the Consent Form template suitable for your needs and download it via the link below. Print out the selected template as it is or customize it to make it more personal. 

  1. Child Travel Consent Form. A Child Travel Consent Form can be filled out by both parents or legal guardians of the minor to let them travel alone or with family members and friends. Alternatively, it is required when a child travels with one of the parents to confirm the other parent gave their consent to it.
  2. Medical Consent Form. Healthcare providers must obtain this authorization from all their patients (or their legal representatives) before any treatment is administered. Whether the patient requires a simple check-up or will have surgery, this form certifies they understand the risks of any medical intervention.
  3. Dental Extraction Consent Form. Dentists must give their patients this form prior to elective dental surgery to make sure the patient agrees to have their tooth extracted and knows of possible consequences of their refusal to go through with this procedure.
  4. HIPAA Consent Form. If you wish to disclose your confidential medical information with people you trust (your relatives, friends, attorneys, or spiritual advisors), ask your medical provider to give you this document and share necessary test results, treatment specifics, and financial details with anyone you want.
  5. Authorization to Release Employee Information. These may be requested by the human resources department before they hire a new employee. The document will authorize them to conduct their own background check and certify the prior employment of the job candidate.
  6. Credit Card Authorization Form. This form is prepared by the person whose name is written on the credit card to verify their intention to let someone else use their credit card, which is often necessary for a transaction on the behalf of the cardholder.
  7. Credit Report Authorization Form. Generally requested by financial institutions willing to become lenders, this document describes the credit history of the potential borrower and may disclose their criminal history, employment details, and previous rental agreements.
  8. Employee Background Check Authorization Form. Complete this statement to let someone else learn more about you in order to secure a job.
  9. Tenant Background Check Form. You have to provide your personal information to help the landlord who will check your background find necessary details before they sign an agreement with you. 

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"Credit Report Authorization Form"

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Use this template to provide consent to a potential lender to learn more about the prospective borrower's credit history.

"Authorization to Release Employee Information Form"

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Size: 65 KB
1 page

Complete this form to allow your former employer to release your employment information to a new prospective employer.

"Medical Consent Form"

Rate (4.4 / 5) 23 votes
Size: 62 KB
1 page

This legal form provides a third party (someone other than the parent or legal guardian) the temporary right to seek and provide healthcare for the individual named on the form.

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"HIPAA Consent Form"

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Size: 67 KB
2 pages

This document outlines the way in which a patient's Protected Health Information (PHI) may be disclosed to third parties.

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