Invention Disclosure Form

Invention Disclosure Form

What Is Invention Disclosure?

An Invention Disclosure Form is a document that should be completed by a scientist or a group of scientists to document an invention. Usually, the Invention Disclosure format is established by the patent department of an organization, and it assumes the use of the following structure of the form: information about the inventor, disclosure of the invention, and information about the applicant. This document usually contains a detailed description of the invention, including its purpose, unique features, usage, and advantages over the previous developments.

Alternate Name:

  • Invention Disclosure Statement.

The statement should be included as the initial part of the patent process. The Invention Disclosure Form should be submitted to an organization's patent department or a patent attorney. They use this document as a basis for preparing and filing a patent application - a request at a patent office to issue a patent for the invention presented in the form.

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How to Fill Out an Invention Disclosure Form?

An Invention Disclosure Form must be filled in as follows:

  1. Indicate the name of your invention. Write down your full name, mailing address, phone number, and email. If there are several inventors, enter information about each one. Indicate the owner of patent rights.
  2. Indicate if the invention has been used, sold, demonstrated, or published before. Include the dates. In the case of the presence of any patents or patent applications related to this invention, you must provide information about them.
  3. Provide the purpose of this invention and describe the problems that can be solved with its use. Outline technologies that have already existed prior to your invention. Characterize the previous methods, equipment, and materials, which had been used by other inventors to achieve the same goals, state the disadvantages of these technologies. Additionally, you will want to provide the following details:
    • The physical structure of your invention. Attach photos and illustrations of the invention and rely on them in your descriptions;
    • Outline the operation, function, and usage of the invention in detail;
    • Indicate any existing alternative methods, equipment, and materials of the invention;
    • State all the features of the invention that are new and unique;
    • Indicate the advantages of this invention over the existing technologies.
  4. Be sure to include your mailing address, email, business phone number, and cell phone.

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