Copyright Infringement Notice Template

Copyright Infringement Notice Template

What Is a Copyright Infringement Notice?

A Copyright Infringement Notice is a letter completed by the owner of proprietary information (usually electronic or physical media) and sent to an individual or entity that has violated copyright law. Basically, this notice is a request, a warning that legal action will be pursued if the offender does not cease the usage of copyrighted property. Use it in cases of copyright infringement to protect your work with a creative element, such as musical, artistic, dramatic, and literary works.

Alternate Name:

  • Copyright Infringement Letter.

Do not confuse a Copyright Infringement Notice with a Cease and Desist Letter: the former is the first document sent when the infringement is detected and the latter is an enforceable final warning for the perpetrator who chose to ignore the notice. If you need a Copyright Infringement Notice template you may download one below.


How to Write a Copyright Infringement Letter?

Typically, the Copyright Infringement Letter includes the following details:

  1. Names of the sender and recipient - the former asks to stop an unwelcome and illegal behavior, while the latter is being asked to stop the act of copyright infringement.
  2. Description of the offending behavior and the negative consequences this behavior has had and will have.
  3. Request to stop the offending behavior.
  4. Signature of the copyright holder.

Once you write the notice, send it via Certified Mail with a return receipt. This way the sender is notified that not only the document was delivered, but it was also accepted by the recipient. This is necessary to prove the recipient of the letter was given such notice of unauthorized use.

What to Do if You Get a Copyright Infringement Notice?

Unfortunately, without the right precautions, it is very easy to involuntarily infringe on property rights. If you violate someone's copyright, you may receive an Infringement Notice. Follow these steps once you get the letter:

  1. Thoroughly read it to determine whether you really committed the violation. See if the notice has proof that the sender is the copyright holder and whether the sender is known to you - an attorney, individual owner, internet service provider, etc.
  2. Locate the copyrighted work in question and find out where you got it. For instance, you may have used copyrighted images for your own website or posted a video with copyrighted music without the permission of the copyright holder.
  3. Do not ignore the notice - reply to it. If you fail to respond, you may be sued and subject to civil and criminal penalties.

How to Respond to a Copyright Infringement Notice?

Similarly to a Cease and Desist Response Letter, you need to respond to the copyright holder. Address several issues in your letter - accept or deny the claim made against you, list valid defenses you might have, notify of the removal of the copyrighted material from your website or blog (provide the links), and propose a settlement (you may send the copyright holder the licensing fee amount).

Your response must be concise and professional. Remember that anything you write can and will be used against you, so do not say too much - in most cases, it is enough to inform the copyright holder that you have removed the infringing content.

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Download Copyright Infringement Notice Template

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  • Copyright Infringement Notice Template


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  • Copyright Infringement Notice Template
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