PS Form 3800 Certified Mail Receipt - Domestic Mail Only - Sample

PS Form 3800 Certified Mail Receipt - Domestic Mail Only - Sample

What Is PS Form 3800?

PS Form 3800, Certified Mail Receipt , is a form issued for Certified Mail Service by the United States Postal Service (USPS). The form was created for customers who want to send their legal and confidential documents securely.

Alternate Names:

  • USPS Form 3800;
  • USPS Certified Mail Receipt;
  • USPS Certified Mail Label.

This form has a green and white sticker with a barcode number for tracking, which is placed on the left corner of the address area. It includes a detachable part as evidence of mailing. The form was revised on January 1, 2023 , with some revisions made in order to perfect the display and simplify the service. A sample PS Form 3800 can be downloaded below or found on the USPS website.

PS Form 3800 and 3811

PS Form 3800 provides the sender with a barcode receipt and a record of delivery. It indicates the name of the sender, time and date of delivery, and whether the delivery took place. This information is stored in the USPS database for 2 years. The service is purchased at $3.50. It is available on request or during tracking of your letter online. The USPS Certified Mail Label is available only for domestic first-class or priority mail, and first-class package service and not available for international shipping. It can only be sent to addresses in the United States, its territories, and possessions, in addition to most military mail (FPOs and APOs).

PS Form 3811, Domestic Return Receipt can be purchased for an additional fee of $2.75 for certified mail. You will receive a PDF-copy of the form by email or through a physical receipt, which is sent by the USPS to your address. The label is acceptable in court since your addressee signs the PS Form 3811 in the presence of a postman. It should have a postmark, showing the full name of the postal office, a two-letter state abbreviation, ZIP Code, and mailing date. If you also chose a restricted delivery option, the addressee must present a valid ID for identification.

Both labels can be purchased at a local Post office. Simply attach them above the delivery address and to the right of the return address. You can drop off your postage or letter-sized piece into any postal box.


How to Order PS Form 3800?

There are several options for receiving your certified receipt.

  • At a post office free of charge. The form is completed at the post office and sent with the next regular mail delivery;
  • On the USPS website. The receipts are ordered and sent to you. The receipts come in a package of 10 Certified Mail Receipts;
  • Online on the USPS site. Print as many Postal Labels as you need on your home printer or scan your documents and upload them through the service that offers USPS Certified Mail delivery.

PS Form 3800 Instructions

Always keep a copy of the letter and ask for a postmarked receipt at the time of mailing. The USPS Mail Certified Receipt has a few options:

  1. Restricted Delivery (only your addressee will get the letter, but this option does not guarantee a delivery date).
  2. Adult Signature Required (this service needs an adult recipient's signature).
  3. Adult Signature Restricted Delivery (this service needs verification of the addressee's age).

If the recipient is not home to sign the letter, a postman will leave a PS Form 3849, Delivery Notification/Reminder, to inform that a letter is waiting for pickup at the local post office. The barcoded item will be scanned and an electronic record created.

How to Fill Out PS Form 3800?

Enter the following information to fill out the label:

  • The recipient's name, written on the green and white sticker;
  • The address, at the bottom of the sticker.

Other Revision

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