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Download this form to keep records of the USPS mailing services customers, as well as for records of the permits, samples and fees paid.

This is a legal document used to inform postal workers about your decision to temporarily suspend the delivery of all mail and packages.

This form is used for filing an affidavit of service in Minnesota, for both personal service and service by mail.

This form is used for reporting and paying for additional services, such as certified mail or return receipt, when sending mail through the United States Postal Service.

This document is used for providing a supporting affidavit when serving legal documents by mail or personal service outside of Hawaii.

This form is used for providing proof of service by mail in California for matters related to gun violence prevention.

This Form is used for declaring the intent to serve documents by mail in the state of Hawaii.

Use this form to send correspondence that meets the standards First-Class Mail (FCM) or First-Class Package Service.

This form is used for requesting certified mail service specifically for small claims cases in Santa Cruz County, California.

This document is a recipe for how to use the Certified Mail service provided by the City of Findlay, Ohio. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to send important mail with proof of delivery.

This form is used for obtaining an order on a petition to answer or reopen a small claims action in Wisconsin through mail service.

This document is used to apply for a caller service. The form allowed a customer to receive their PO Box number mail through a loading dock or a call window.

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