Fill and Sign Washington, D.C. Legal Forms

The city of Washington, D.C. has a full range of legal forms that cover different purposes for residents of the district in various fields of their activity. Different departments of the district release these templates, and they aim at effective interaction between city residents and these government authorities. Sometimes issuing departments provide applicants with separate filing guidelines for a form. Applicants should use these templates in different cases, for example, when they need to apply for child care benefits or register to vote. For a full list of free Washington, D.C. Legal Forms please check out our library below.

Washington D.C. Departments

  1. Department of Behavioral Health
  2. Department of Licensing and Consumer Protection
  3. Department of Corrections
  4. Department of Employment Services
  5. Department of Energy & Environment
  6. Department of For-Hire Vehicles
  7. Department of Forensic Sciences
  8. Department of General Services
  9. Department of Health
  10. Department of Health Care Finance
  11. Department of Housing and Community Development
  12. Department of Human Resources
  13. Department of Human Services
  14. Department of Insurance Securities and Banking
  15. Department of Motor Vehicles
  16. Department of Parks and Recreation
  17. Department of Public Works
  18. Department of Small and Local Business Development
  19. Department of Transportation
  20. Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services
  21. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department
  22. Metropolitan Police Department

Washington D.C. Courts

  1. District of Columbia Courts (all forms)
  2. United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia

Washington D.C. Agencies and Commissions

  1. Office of Tax and Revenue
  2. Office of the Secretary
  3. Real Estate Appraiser Board

Below you can see a list of Washington, D.C. legal forms that can best suit your needs:

  • Templates connected with retirement. You may find different applications developed for members of the Washington D.C. retirement systems. If an individual leaves employment, they may withdraw their employee contributions plus interest. In this case, this person should complete a request for a refund of retirement contributions. Retirees, survivors, beneficiaries, and legal-order payees eligible for direct-deposit payment, must complete a direct-deposit authorization template. If members of a retirement system need to release any account information to a third-party person or an entity, they have to complete an information release authorization form;
  • Templates related to divorce. Individuals, who have decided to divorce, should complete a divorce petition (dissolution) that contains information about spouses and a request of a petitioner to the court to dissolve their marriage. In divorce proceedings, parties may also need to fill in a template regarding findings and conclusions and a form with a response to a divorce petition;
  • Forms related to unemployment. If an individual is eligible for unemployment benefits and their job skills show that they need more training, they can apply for a training benefits program. In this case, fill in a training benefits application;
  • Agricultural templates. Some forms created for businesses performed in agriculture. If your company is going to provide weighmaster services, complete an application to apply for a weighmaster license.

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