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This Form is used for individuals in Colorado to apply for a public defender, court-appointed counsel, or guardian ad litem for legal representation in their case.

This type of document is a set of questions for Nebraska law enforcement officers to ask during interrogations. It helps gather information and evidence related to a crime.

This document is used for requesting the termination of a restraining order in Ontario, Canada. It is used when there is a need to lift the restrictions imposed by a restraining order.

This Form is used for filing a Statement of Claim with the court. It is a legal document that outlines the details of a lawsuit and the relief being sought by the claimant.

This Form is used for filing a Third Party Claim in the Yukon, Canada. It allows individuals to make a claim against someone who is not the primary party involved in a legal dispute.

This document is an application form for individuals in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, who are seeking to be appointed a public defender for their legal representation.

This form is used for reporting on legal assistance services provided by the military.

This document is used for providing post-trial information to victims and witnesses of crimes. It helps ensure they are informed of relevant updates and developments in the case.

This document is used for a pro se party in Minnesota to make a formal declaration in a legal proceeding. It allows individuals to represent themselves in court without an attorney.

This document is for notifying the court and opposing parties of a limited appearance by an attorney in a Minnesota case.

This document is for a surety bond process serving agency located in New York City. The agency is responsible for handling the process serving of legal documents, ensuring that they are properly delivered to the intended recipients.

This document provides a guide for individuals in Colorado who are planning for community living. It offers information and resources on housing options, support services, and strategies for building a strong community network.

This form is used for requesting an appointed attorney in the state of Alaska.

This form is used for obtaining a court order to regain possession of property after a hearing or ex parte application in California.

This document is an appeal form used for the Save Our Home AZ Program in Arizona. It is used to request assistance in saving your home from foreclosure.

This form is used for notifying the court and other parties involved in a legal case that an attorney's assistance is limited to certain tasks and is no longer ongoing. It is specific to the state of California.

This form is used for filing a request for a hearing on the waiver of presumptive transfer in the state of California.

This document is used for obtaining a Temporary Restraining Order in California. It is available in Chinese.

This document provides individuals in Louisiana with the right to review certain records or documents.

This directory provides a list of bilingual attorneys and legal assistants in Hawaii who can assist individuals who need legal representation in multiple languages. Find the right legal professional who can communicate effectively with you.

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