Litigation Process Templates

The litigation process, also known as the legal process or legal proceedings, is the formal procedure used to resolve legal disputes in courts of law. This collection of documents is essential for attorneys, legal professionals, and individuals involved in litigation cases.

Within this group, you will find a variety of documents that are crucial for navigating the litigation process. These documents include Agreed Judgment Reviews, which are specific to the state of Texas and provide detailed information on court judgments that have been agreed upon by all parties involved. Furthermore, Litigation Affidavits, available both in New York and on an individual basis, serve as sworn statements that present evidence and support legal arguments during the litigation process.

For those involved in non-routine litigations, the Form 20 Non-routine Litigation Form is a valuable resource. This document helps attorneys and individuals report and track important information related to complex litigation cases. Additionally, the Individual Litigation Report provides essential information for individuals involved in litigation cases in Oklahoma, offering a comprehensive overview of the progress and details of the ongoing legal proceedings.

These documents play a critical role in ensuring a fair and just legal process, as they provide the necessary framework and information for all parties involved. Whether you are an attorney representing a client, or an individual navigating the litigation process, having access to these documents is essential for building a strong legal case.




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This form is used for requesting the appointment of a litigation guardian in Ontario, Canada.

This document is used for reviewing an agreed judgment in the state of Texas. It is a legal process to evaluate and possibly modify the terms of a previously agreed upon judgment.

This document is used for submitting a statement of facts or information regarding a legal case in New York.

This document is used for submitting an individual's testimony and evidence in a legal case in the state of New York. It is a sworn statement that supports a party's position in litigation.

This document is required when a licensee or applicant is involved in a litigation matter in the state of New York. It is used to provide a sworn statement or testimony related to the case.

This document is used to legally compel an individual to appear in court or provide evidence in the state of Utah.

This document provides an introduction to the process of class action lawsuits in the United States. It explains how these types of lawsuits work and what individuals need to know if they are involved in a class action case.

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