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This is a form that individuals can use if they believe their rights have been violated and they want to make a claim to an employment tribunal.

Individuals that reside in the United Kingdom may use this form when they want to file for a divorce, dissolution, or a (judicial) separation.

Vehicle owners can use this form when they want to dispute the Order for Recovery they were provided after paying or appealing a parking ticket charge.


This form is prepared by filers to ask the family court to issue a specific order related to a parental responsibility order, contact order, residence order, etc.

Use this form if you are unable to remedy a legal or monetary issue with another party and are seeking to settle the matter in court.

Individuals that live in the United Kingdom may use this form to apply for a financial order or financial relief in connection with a divorce.

The purpose of this form is to allow individuals to apply for the right to manage the estate of someone who has died and left a will by post.

An applicant or respondent may complete this supplemental form regarding an existing family court case if either party wants to allege ill-treatment or argue the allegations.

Parties to a court case in the United Kingdom may use this form if they cannot pay all or a portion of their court fees.

Case participants may fill out this formal document when they are following a request by the court.

Individuals that reside in the United Kingdom can use this form if they are unable to pay the money they owe after a court order was issued or who wish to stop an existing court warrant.

Litigants may use this form when requesting the court to handle a matter under the alternative procedure for disputes.

United Kingdom litigants must use this form to make their request to a court to either to suspend enforcement of an order that was previously issued or to overturn or modify a judgment.

Parties to a legal case may use this official statement when they wish to launch an appeal for all categories of cases except for small claims and family disputes.

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