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Also known as court proceedings or court proceedings, these documents play a crucial role in presenting and documenting legal matters. From civil to criminal cases, court proceedings encompass a wide range of the judicial process.

At this comprehensive resource, you'll find helpful details about court proceedings in various jurisdictions, including the USA and Canada. Our goal is to empower individuals by providing clear explanations, guidelines, and access to essential court documents.

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Our diverse collection includes documents such as:

  • Answer to Complaint
  • Dispositional Attachment: Removal From Custodial Parent-Placement With Previously Noncustodial Parent
  • Temporary Restraining Order
  • Tape Recording Log
  • Certificate of Service

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This Form is used for creating a list of witnesses who will testify in a court case. It helps to organize and keep track of the witnesses required for the trial.

This form is used for responding to a complaint filed in the state of Idaho. It allows you to provide your answer to the allegations made against you.

This form is used for filing an Affidavit of Service in South Carolina. It is used to provide proof that legal documents have been properly delivered to the required parties.

This Form is used for making a legal declaration to the sheriff in Ontario, Canada. It is a statutory declaration that must be completed in a prescribed format and submitted to the sheriff for a specific legal purpose.

This document is used for notifying individuals of a scheduled garnishment hearing in Ontario, Canada. It is a legal form that informs the individual about the hearing and provides details regarding the garnishment process.

This Form is used for a defendant in Ontario, Canada to file a claim in response to a lawsuit.

This type of document is a written record made during a competency hearing in the state of Kansas. It includes details and information discussed during the hearing to determine an individual's mental capacity to stand trial.

This Form is used for requesting a copy of a referee court hearing in order to obtain audio or video recordings of the proceedings.

This form is used for a waiver of an indictment. It is a legal document that allows a defendant to waive their right to be indicted by a grand jury and instead proceed with a criminal case through a written information or a plea agreement.

This form is used for submitting a detailed list of costs incurred during a legal case for the purpose of obtaining reimbursement or taxation.

This form is used for creating a record of witnesses and exhibits in a legal proceeding. It helps to document the individuals who provided testimony and any evidence that was presented during the case.

This Form is used for issuing a Certificate of Reporter. It is a document that certifies an individual or entity as a qualified reporter, typically in the field of journalism.

This document is used for a pro se party in Minnesota to make a formal declaration in a legal proceeding. It allows individuals to represent themselves in court without an attorney.

This document is used to request temporary guardianship of a person in New York. It helps establish legal authority for someone to make decisions on behalf of a child or incapacitated adult.

This Form is used for issuing a summons and notice of trial in a legal case where two parties are involved in a disagreement or lawsuit.

This document is used for notifying parties involved in a legal case about the entry of a judgment. It serves as an official record that a judgment has been made and filed.

This form is used for issuing a citation and written notification for deferred entry of judgment in juvenile cases in California. It provides information about the legal process and obligations for both the juvenile and their legal guardians.

This form is used for the removal of a child from a custodial parent and placement with a previously noncustodial parent in California according to the Welfare and Institutions Code sections 361 and 361.2.

This form is used for the continuance of juvenile delinquency cases in California. It is used to request an extension for the court proceedings related to the case.

This form is used for requesting an appointed attorney in the state of Alaska.

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