Mental Health Evaluation Templates

If you are in need of a mental health evaluation, our comprehensive document collection has you covered. We offer a wide range of forms and assessments to help assess and evaluate your mental well-being. Whether you are seeking an evaluation for criminal responsibility, psychological assessment, or other mental health concerns, our documents can provide the necessary information and guidance.

Our mental health evaluation collection includes a variety of forms and documents designed to meet the specific requirements of different jurisdictions. For example, you can find Form MC206, which is an Order for Evaluation Relative to Criminal Responsibility in Michigan. This form is essential for individuals involved in legal proceedings where mental health is a factor. Similarly, Form F-11, the Psychological Evaluation Form in Alaska, is specifically tailored to assess mental health in the context of the Alaskan legal system.

In addition to state-specific forms, we also offer instructions for various mental health evaluation processes. Form XR101 Petition for an Extreme Risk Protection Order (Ptxr), which is available in both English and Russian, serves as a guide for individuals in Washington seeking an evaluation for an extreme risk protection order. This is just one example of how our document collection can provide valuable guidance throughout the evaluation process.

Lastly, our collection includes forms for specific legal situations, such as the Form CR-277 Order for Examination Under Section 971.17(4)(C), which applies to individuals in Wisconsin who plead not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect. Additionally, Form SP8-200B Psychological Examination in Pennsylvania is designed to assess mental health in court-related matters.

No matter your specific needs or jurisdiction, our mental health evaluation collection offers a wide range of documents to support your assessment and evaluation process. Ensuring the accuracy and completeness of your evaluation is essential, and our documents can provide the necessary tools and guidance to facilitate this process.

Please note that these are just a few examples from our extensive mental health evaluation collection. Whether you are an individual seeking an evaluation or a professional in the mental health field, explore our comprehensive documentation to find the right resources for your needs.




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This Form is used for conducting a mental health assessment in behavioral healthcare settings. It helps healthcare providers evaluate and diagnose mental health conditions.

This Form is used for conducting an initial evaluation of a person's mental health and identifying any potential psychiatric conditions or symptoms. It helps gather important information about the individual's background, history, and current mental health status.

This document is a template for a mental health questionnaire. It can be used to gather information about an individual's mental health for assessment or treatment purposes.

This document is used for assessing the risk of suicide in individuals. It helps professionals evaluate various factors that may contribute to suicidal ideation, such as mental health history, current stressors, and support systems.

This Form is used for assessing an individual's residual functional capacity in relation to a personality mental disorder.

This type of document is a written record made during a competency hearing in the state of Kansas. It includes details and information discussed during the hearing to determine an individual's mental capacity to stand trial.

This form is used for gathering important information about a patient's mental health history and current symptoms during their initial psychiatric intake appointment. It helps the Pllc (Professional Limited Liability Company) gather relevant information to assess and diagnose the patient's condition.

Use this form to record the results of a service member's behavioral health assessment. This document is employed in the Army as a mental status evaluation form, as it incorporates key elements needed for proper diagnosis of the service member's mental health.

This form is used for assessing an individual's mental capacities in the state of California. It helps determine a person's ability to make important decisions and consent to medical treatments.

This form is used for summarizing the evaluation of individuals with mental illness or intellectual disabilities in the state of Ohio.

This form is used for obtaining a report from a mental health professional in Ohio regarding an individual's mental health status and needs.

This form is used for confirming a psychological evaluation in the state of Arkansas. It is typically required for certain legal and professional purposes.

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