Fill and Sign Massachusetts Legal Forms

Whether an individual is considering how to legitimize their business or how to file their taxes properly, Massachusetts Legal Forms will answer all of their questions. With the extensive amount of information on different subjects that might come up in everyday life, the applications will guide Massachusetts’ citizens and provide assistance during their required interactions with state government organizations. For a full list of free Massachusetts legal forms, please check out our library below.

Massachusetts State Departments

  1. Department of Agricultural Resources
  2. Department of Career Services
  3. Department of Children and Families
  4. Department of Conservation and Recreation
  5. Department of Correction
  6. Department of Criminal Justice Information Services
  7. Department of Developmental Services
  8. Department of Early Education and Care
  9. Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
  10. Department of Energy Resources
  11. Department of Environmental Protection
  12. Department of Fire Services
  13. Department of Fish and Game
  14. Department of Higher Education
  15. Department of Housing and Community Development
  16. Department of Industrial Accidents
  17. Department of Labor Relations
  18. Department of Labor Standards
  19. Department of Mental Health
  20. Department of Public Health
  21. Department of Public Safety
  22. Department of Public Utilities
  23. Department of Revenue
  24. Department of State Police
  25. Department of Telecommunications and Cable
  26. Department of Transitional Assistance
  27. Department of Transportation
  28. Department of Transportation Registry of Motor Vehicles
  29. Department of Unemployment Assistance
  30. Department of Veterans' Services
  31. Department of Youth Services

Massachusetts State Courts

  1. Judicial Branch (all forms)
  2. Appeals Court
  3. District Court
  4. Housing Court
  5. Superior Court
  6. Trial Court of Massachusetts
  7. Juvenile Court Department
  8. Land Court Department
  9. Probate and Family Court Department

Massachusetts State Agencies and Commissions

  1. Comptroller of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  2. Board of Public Accountancy
  3. Boat and Recreation Vehicle Registration and Titling Bureau
  4. Environmental Police
  5. MassHealth
  6. National Guard
  7. Operational Services Division
  8. Registry of Motor Vehicles
  9. Registry of Vital Records and Statistics
  10. Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Massachusetts Legal Forms by County

  1. Boston Municipal Court Department
  2. City of Boston Registry Division
  3. City of Chelsea Police Department
  4. Town of Paxton Police Department
  5. Town of Easton Recreation Department
  6. Essex County Sheriff's Department

State of Massachusetts legal forms are developed with regards to the needs of residents by different state authorities, they can include:

  • The Massachusetts Department of Revenue is responsible for issuing applications that are supposed to be used by individuals and entities when they want to fulfill their state tax obligations and everything connected with that;
  • The Massachusetts Department of Transportation releases forms that can be used when filers want to register their motor vehicles, request license plates, receive a copy of a crash report, and other documents dedicated to motor vehicles;
  • The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has forms that accompany the education process in the state and can be used in educational organizations, which include elementary school, middle school, high school, etc.;
  • The Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health create and manage documents connected with medical insurance, as well as documents that can be used by state hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities.

In addition to the documents described above, filers can use forms dedicated to their employment, environment protection, court documents, and others.

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