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Welcome to our Corporate Law Documentation webpage. Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or legal professional, our comprehensive collection of corporate law documents is here to assist you. Also referred to as corporation law, our documentation covers a wide range of legal matters pertaining to corporate entities.

Within our expansive library, you will find various documents such as merger agreements, consolidation forms, certificates of dissolution, corporate resolutions, and articles of incorporation for cooperatives. Our documents are tailored to meet the specific legal requirements of different jurisdictions across the United States and beyond.

If you are contemplating a merger or consolidation, our merger agreement terms and conditions document can guide you through the process, specifying the rights and obligations of each party involved. For those considering a merger or consolidation involving a foreign corporation into an Oklahoma corporation, our SOS Form 0024 Certificate of Merger or Consolidation is a valuable resource.

Additionally, we provide a Certificate of Dissolution for Non-stock Corporations, allowing for the dissolution of corporations that are not-for-profit entities. For corporations in New Hampshire, our Corporate Resolution (Corporation, Non-profit Corporation) document provides a framework for crucial decision-making within the organization.

Lastly, our collection also includes Articles of Incorporation specifically designed for cooperatives in Oregon. These articles outline the structure, purpose, and operating guidelines for cooperative organizations.

With our extensive array of corporate law documents, you can ensure compliance, streamline legal processes, and safeguard the interests of your corporation. Don't hesitate to explore our collection and find the document that suits your specific needs.




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This document for Articles of Share Exchange involving corporations or other entities in Massachusetts. It outlines the terms and conditions for a share exchange between domestic or foreign corporations or foreign entities.

This document is used for surrendering the articles of a non-profit organization upon converting to a foreign non-profit entity in the state of Massachusetts.

This Form is used for inserting information about a controlling corporation in Nebraska.

This document is used to amend the information of a foreign limited liability company registered in Delaware. It allows the company to update its name, address, or other relevant information.

This type of document is used for officially incorporating a public benefit corporation in the state of Delaware. It signifies that the corporation has been legally formed and recognized by the state government.

This document is used to revive the charter of a corporation that has been voided in the state of Delaware. It restores the corporation's legal status and allows it to resume doing business.

This Form is used for outlining the terms and conditions of a merger agreement in the state of Kansas.

This form is used for filing the Articles of Amalgamation in Yukon, Canada. It is available in both English and French.

This form is used for filing a certificate of merger between parent and subsidiary business organizations in Texas.

This Form is used for requesting a courtesy change for the commercial registered agent in South Dakota.

This Form is used for applying for an amended certificate of registration for a professional law corporation in Virginia.

This document is an application form for a foreign professional law corporation to obtain a certificate of registration in the state of Virginia. It is required for law corporations based outside of Virginia to operate and offer legal services within the state.

This form is used to apply for an amended certificate of registration for a foreign professional law corporation in the state of Virginia. It is necessary for foreign corporations practicing law in Virginia to update their registration when there are any changes to their corporate structure or information.

This document is used for making changes to a company's information in the state of Nevada. It is filed in accordance with the Nevada Revised Statute 78.209.

This document is used for reviving an expired or dissolved business entity in the state of Maryland. It outlines the steps and requirements for bringing a business back into active status.

This form is used for obtaining a certificate concerning restated articles of incorporation for a nonprofit corporation in Arizona. It is a legal document that signifies the revision or updating of the organization's articles of incorporation.

This Form is used for notifying the increase in the capital stock and paid-in capital of a company in the state of Michigan. It is important for legal compliance and maintaining accurate financial records.

This document is used for merging a company in Oregon that owns 90% of a subsidiary. It is available in both English and Korean.

You may use this legal agreement when an entity is facing bankruptcy between a borrower, lender, and guarantor, where a corporation (usually an insurance company) takes on the responsibility of ensuring a borrower repays their debt.

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