Fill and Sign Oregon Legal Forms

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Oregon Legal Forms cover different purposes for residents of the state in various fields of their activity. Different departments of the state release free Oregon legal forms, and they aim at effective interaction between state citizens and these government authorities. You may find and download these applications on the official website of the appropriate department, but for your convenience, all forms are available on our website. Individuals must fill in and submit these applications to pay taxes, register to vote, and to apply for different benefits. Organizations need these templates to report their sales activity or to reserve an entity name. For a full list of free Oregon Legal Forms please check out our library below.

Oregon State Departments

  1. Department of Administrative Services
  2. Department of Agriculture
  3. Department of Aviation
  4. Department of Consumer and Business Services
  5. Department of Corrections
  6. Department of Education
  7. Department of Energy
  8. Department of Environmental Quality
  9. Department of Fish and Wildlife
  10. Department of Forestry
  11. Department of Geology and Mineral Industries
  12. Department of Human Services
  13. Department of Justice
  14. Department of Land Conservation and Development
  15. Department of Public Safety Standards and Training
  16. Department of Revenue
  17. Department of State Lands
  18. Department of Transportation
  19. Department of Veterans Affairs
  20. Employment Department
  21. Judicial Department
  22. Military Department
  23. Parks and Recreation Department
  24. Oregon Water Resources Department

Oregon State Courts

  1. Circuit Courts (all forms)

Oregon State Agencies and Commissions

  1. Board of Accountancy
  2. Board of Dentistry
  3. Construction Contractors Board
  4. Health Authority
  5. Liquor Control Commission
  6. Public Utility Commission
  7. Secretary of State
  8. State Bar
  9. State Marine Board
  10. State Police
  11. Veterinary Medical Examining Board

Oregon Legal Forms by County

  1. Clackamas County Community Corrections
  2. Clackamas County Vector Control
  3. City of Salem Community Development Department
  4. Yamhill County Community Justice Department
  5. Lane County County Administration Office
  6. Lane County Health and Human Services
  7. Lincoln County Health and Human Services Department
  8. City of Portland Management and Finance Department
  9. City of Milwaukie Police Department
  10. City of Newport Police Department
  11. City of Newberg Public Works Department
  12. City of Springfield Public Works Department

There are different Oregon State legal forms:

  • Forms created for owners of motor vehicles. These individuals have to complete a template to inform the Motor Vehicle Division (DMV) that they have sold or transferred ownership of their car and to establish the rights of the new owner for the sold vehicle;
  • Templates designed for employees and employers. For example, a claimant may need to appeal such decisions as a discharge, suspension, leave of absence, or ability to work. In this case, they have to complete a form to request a hearing on an unemployment insurance benefits administrative decision;
  • Forms related to public safety training. If some organization conducts these activities, they have to complete a training roster, where they should indicate their course information, instructor name, attendee information, including their names, number of training hours, and confirmation of training completion. An applicant that wishes to evaluate training is encouraged to fill in a training evaluation form that helps to ensure that private security professionals have been trained consistently and equitably. Use specially designed templates to attest instructor certifications;

Templates connected with the residents' identification. Oregon citizens must complete a specific application to apply for the issuance or renewal of their driver's license or ID card. These documents are used to identify residents of the state.

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Form 735-173 "Application for Driving Privileges or Id Card" - Oregon

Rate (4.2 / 5) 10 votes
Size: 409 KB
2 pages

This is a form that has to be completed by residents of the State of Oregon to apply for issuing, replacing, or renewing their driver's license, instruction permit, endorsement, or identification card.

Form 735-501 "Vehicle Bill of Sale" - Oregon

Rate (4.6 / 5) 103 votes
Size: 104 KB
1 page

Use this form if you need to record the details of the sale and purchase of a vehicle in the state of Oregon. It establishes the fact of a purchase of a vehicle and protects both parties from potential conflicts and fraudulent claims in the future.

Form 735-6890 "Notice of Sale or Transfer of a Vehicle" - Oregon

Rate (4.6 / 5) 57 votes
Size: 69 KB
2 pages

Download this bill of sale in order to inform the DMV that you have sold or transferred ownership of a vehicle. This document shows the agreement of the parties, describes the sold vehicle and protects the seller and the buyer in case any disputes arise after the transaction takes place.

Form 440-3925 "Manufactured Structure Bill of Sale" - Oregon

Rate (4.8 / 5) 45 votes
Size: 32 KB
1 page

Use this official form to sell and buy mobile (manufactured) homes in Oregon. Both mobile homes and manufactured homes are dwelling without a permanent foundation and are considered personal property, which is transferred with the help of this form.

"Olcc Service Permit Application" - Oregon

Rate (4.7 / 5) 29 votes
Size: 3 MB
1 page

Individuals who work in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and similar businesses, and serve alcohol there, are required to get an OLCC Permit in the state of Oregon.

"Vessel Bill of Sale" - Oregon

Rate (4.5 / 5) 58 votes
Size: 247 KB
1 page

Download this bill of sale in order to document the transfer of a vessel from the seller to the purchaser in Oregon. It is used to prove ownership of the sold boat and to release the previous owner from the liability for the watercraft.

Form PS-1 "Application for Certification or Licensure" - Oregon

Rate (4.7 / 5) 91 votes
Size: 134 KB
3 pages

Form PS-8 "Private Security Instructor Proof of Skills Improvement and Education" - Oregon

Rate (4.4 / 5) 44 votes
Size: 74 KB
1 page

Formulario OR-W-4 (150-101-402-5) "Retenciones De Oregon" - Oregon (Spanish), 2021

Rate (4.3 / 5) 15 votes
Size: 51 KB
1 page

Form SFMS ACH-1 "Direct Deposit Authorization Form for State Wide Vendor/Employee Travel (Not Pers/Payroll)" - Oregon

Rate (4.7 / 5) 77 votes
Size: 1 MB
2 pages

Form OR-W-4 (150-101-402) "Oregon Employee's Withholding Statement and Exemption Certificate" - Oregon, 2021

Rate (4.5 / 5) 21 votes
Size: 43 KB
1 page

Form F7 "Criminal Justice Certification Application" - Oregon

Rate (4.5 / 5) 69 votes
Size: 1 MB
1 page

Form F6 "Training Roster" - Oregon

Rate (4.7 / 5) 79 votes
Size: 1 MB
2 pages

Form F9 "Doc/Dpsst Instructor Certification Application" - Oregon

Rate (4.5 / 5) 63 votes
Size: 1 MB
1 page

Form LB-1 (150-504-073-2) "Notice of Budget Hearing" - Oregon

Rate (4.3 / 5) 26 votes
Size: 115 KB
2 pages

MCLE Form 6 "Optional Contemporaneous Individual Screening Log" - Oregon

Rate (4.8 / 5) 14 votes
Size: 213 KB
1 page

Form PI-1 "Application for Licensure" - Oregon

Rate (4.7 / 5) 60 votes
Size: 376 KB
5 pages

MCLE Form 2 "Group Cle Activity Accreditation Application" - Oregon

Rate (4.7 / 5) 97 votes
Size: 242 KB
1 page

Form E-1 "Application for Personnel Affiliation and Certification Eligibility" - Oregon

Rate (4.5 / 5) 37 votes
Size: 454 KB
1 page

Form OR-STT-2 (150-206-006) "Statewide Transit Tax Employee Detail Report" - Oregon

Rate (4.6 / 5) 20 votes
Size: 45 KB
1 page

Form PS-3 "Supply Request Form" - Oregon

Rate (4.8 / 5) 43 votes
Size: 140 KB
1 page

Form EFS-FPR-1 "Farm Products Registration - Buyer, Commission Merchant, Selling Agent" - Oregon

Rate (4.3 / 5) 59 votes
Size: 1 MB
3 pages

Form F5 "Academy Training Application" - Oregon

Rate (4.5 / 5) 48 votes
Size: 173 KB
1 page

Form F4 "Personnel Action New Hires and Status Changes" - Oregon

Rate (4.3 / 5) 90 votes
Size: 256 KB
2 pages

Form M-3 "Notice of Death or Disability/Initial Application for Benefits" - Oregon

Rate (4.4 / 5) 11 votes
Size: 36 KB
2 pages

Form M-1 "Supplemental Application for Benefits" - Oregon

Rate (4.7 / 5) 15 votes
Size: 51 KB
4 pages

MCLE Form 1 "Recordkeeping Form" - Oregon

Rate (4.6 / 5) 19 votes
Size: 251 KB
1 page

Form ED-1 "Notice of Budget Hearing" - Oregon

Rate (4.3 / 5) 39 votes
Size: 93 KB
2 pages

Form M-4 "Alternate Designation of Beneficiary" - Oregon

Rate (4.8 / 5) 18 votes
Size: 14 KB
1 page

Form PI-9 "Temporary Investigator License" - Oregon

Rate (4.4 / 5) 35 votes
Size: 232 KB
2 pages

Form R-1 "Fire Service Agency Accreditation" - Oregon

Rate (4.3 / 5) 14 votes
Size: 229 KB
6 pages

Form PS-7 "Training Evaluation" - Oregon

Rate (4.7 / 5) 48 votes
Size: 23 KB
1 page

Form UCC1 "Ucc Financing Statement" - Oregon

Rate (4.7 / 5) 16 votes
Size: 91 KB
2 pages

Form EFS-1 "Farm Products Financing Statement Standard Form" - Oregon

Rate (4.6 / 5) 53 votes
Size: 1 MB
2 pages