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This Form is used for obtaining parental consent in South Africa. It is required in certain situations such as traveling with a minor or applying for a passport.

This document is used for revoking a previously signed agreement where one party relinquishes custodial rights.

This Form is used for parents in Alabama to delegate their powers to someone else, such as a temporary guardian or caregiver, to act on behalf of their child.

This form is used to respond to an application for an expedited child support order and includes information about a notice of hearing in California.

This document is a template for a legal agreement between a sperm donor and the intended parents, outlining the rights and responsibilities of each party involved in the process.

This document is used for establishing a temporary guardianship agreement with the Gainesville Housing Authority.

This Form is used for the permanent surrender of a child in the state of Virginia. It is an agreement that legally transfers the custody and responsibility of the child to another individual or agency.

This form was issued and distributed by the California Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing Division. Use it for child care-related matters. The form description has explanations of parental rights related to the child care facilities, as well as a list of relevant documents.

This Form is used for acknowledging paternity in the state of Georgia, United States. It allows individuals to establish legal fathership for a child.

This form is used for relinquishing parental rights for an alleged natural father who lives out-of-state in California.

This form is used for filing an Order to Show Cause in New York to request the removal of a child from their adoptive home. It is a legal document that requires specific information and supporting evidence.

This form is used for notifying individuals of the denial of a withdrawal of application and the potential removal of a child. It is specific to the state of New York.

This form is used for parents in California to provide notification of their rights related to their child's education.

This form is used for obtaining extrajudicial consent for the birth or legal parent in a private-placement adoption in New York.

This form is used for the removal of a child from a custodial parent and placement with a previously noncustodial parent in California according to the Welfare and Institutions Code sections 361 and 361.2.

This form is used for prisoners in California to provide a statement regarding their appearance at a hearing that will impact their parental rights.

This Form is used for ordering the co-termination of parental rights and appointing a statutory parent/guardian in Connecticut.

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