Fill and Sign Connecticut Legal Forms

Connecticut Legal Forms are useful tools for residents of the state. Different state departments release these forms, and an applicant should submit every completed form at the corresponding issuing department. When filling in an application, an applicant must follow the established rules for completing it, which can be found on many of the forms’ pages. Sometimes the issuing department provides applicants with separate filing guidelines for an application. Applicants should use state of Connecticut legal forms in different cases, for example, when they need to register to vote, to report a change of address, or to report their income tax return.

For a full list of free Connecticut Legal Forms, please check out our library below.

Connecticut State Departments

  1. Department of Agriculture
  2. Department of Developmental Services
  3. Department of Economic and Community Development
  4. Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection
  5. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
  6. Department of Housing
  7. Department of Labor
  8. Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services
  9. Department of Motor Vehicles
  10. Department of Rehabilitation Services
  11. Department of Revenue Services
  12. Department of Transportation
  13. Insurance Department
  14. Military Department
  15. Department of Administrative Services
  16. Department of Children and Families
  17. Department of Consumer Protection
  18. Department of Correction
  19. Department of Education
  20. Department of Public Health
  21. Department of Social Services
  22. Department of Veterans Affairs
  23. Department on Aging
  24. Department of Banking

Connecticut State Courts

  1. Judicial Branch (full list)
  2. Appellate Court
  3. Superior Court
  4. Supreme Court

Connecticut State Agencies and Commissions

  1. Office of Early Childhood
  2. Office of State Ethics
  3. Office of the State Comptroller
  4. Office of the State Treasurer
  5. Secretary of the State
  6. Marshal Commission
  7. Workers' Compensation Commission

Connecticut Legal Forms by County

  1. City of Derby City Clerk's Office
  2. Town of Bethel Health Department
  3. Town of Guilford Police Department

Below you can see a list of free Connecticut legal forms that can best suit your needs:

  • Forms useful for business. A company that wishes to become an automobile dealer or mechanic should complete a specific application for a license to perform such activities;
  • Forms developed for taxpayers. All organizations registered for sales and use taxes in the state of Connecticut must file a specific template to report their sales activity. If a company needs to clarify whether or not a business has overdue tax returns or owes outstanding tax liabilities, they should complete the status letter request for business taxes. If the location or mailing address of a company or corporation has changed, complete a form to report it. There are templates created for specific business activities. For example, a commercial fisherman is eligible to apply for a tax exemption permit, and to do this, they must submit a particular form;
  • Medical forms. Medical professionals may be required to complete a medical report reflecting the results of a personal examination of the patient concerning their ability to operate a motor vehicle safely;
  • Forms created for owners of motor vehicles. There are specific forms for those individuals who want to change information on their vehicle's title, transfer ownership, or replace their certificate of title.

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