What Is a Project Proposal Outline?

When planning a project, you will often need to write up a formal document called a Project Proposal, where you write down your project plan in a way to get the investors interested. But before you build that final document, you may want to have a carefully-drafted Project Proposal Outline, which includes all the essential information needed for the project to succeed.

Our printable Project Proposal Outline templates, which you can download below, provide a structure to follow when writing your proposal ideas to capture the investors’ attention. Proposals may be written in a sentence or bullet format, but they must be planned well and cover some basic parts if you want your proposal to be comprehensive and detailed enough to convey your ideas in a clear and convincing manner.

What Is the Basic Outline of Writing a Project Proposal?

You must ensure that you cover key aspects, namely, the problem you want to solve and the proposed solutions, the budget allotted, and the resources needed for the project to be feasible, the time frame, and the way in which the project is aligned with the company’s goals.

Here are some other basic parts that a Project Proposal should include:

  • Executive summary. Describe the project, as well as the way it will be run, in a sound and compelling way to attract sponsors, and include the target completion date;
  • History of the project. Give context to the project and the factors that help or affect its success;
  • Objectives. State what you plan to achieve;
  • The requirements of the project. Include materials, equipment, and strategies needed to solve the problems;
  • Authorization of the project. Write down the names of the people responsible for the project;
  • Appendices. Attach any necessary papers to support your proposal.

You may also want to mention the products and reports to be delivered to the client throughout the project, risks and issues, and users’ benefits. Remember to include all of the relevant information that you consider will render your proposal effective. 



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