Research Proposal Templates

Research proposal templates are documents that provide a standardized structure and format for writing research proposals. They are typically used by researchers, scholars, and students who are planning to conduct a research study or project. The templates guide the writer in organizing their research ideas, outlining the research objectives and methodology, and explaining the significance and potential impact of the proposed research. These templates help ensure that the proposal includes all the necessary components and follows a coherent structure, making it easier for the writer to communicate their research plan effectively.




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This document provides a template for creating a concise and effective research proposal. It offers guidance on how to structure and present your research ideas, objectives, and methodology. Use this template to outline the key elements of your proposed research study and communicate its significance.

This template was created by the California State University in Northridge as a reference for scientists wishing to propose an independent research project to a funding agency.

This document provides a template for organizing and structuring a research proposal. It outlines the key sections and elements that should be included when writing a research proposal.


This document is an internal research proposal evaluation template used to evaluate research proposals within an organization. It provides a standardized format and criteria for evaluating the quality and feasibility of research proposals.

This document provides a comprehensive guide on how to structure a research proposal adhering to the APA (American Psychological Association) format. It includes essential elements like title, abstract, research questions, methodology, and bibliographic references.

This document provides a template for a Master's thesis proposal focused on interdisciplinary research and studies on Eastern Europe. It is designed for use by students at Universita Di Bologna.

This document is a template used by students at Arizona State University to create a research or thesis proposal for their master's degree.

This document is used for the mandatory routing of sponsored research at Centre College. It ensures proper approval and administration of funded research projects.

This document is a template for writing research permit proposals to the Belize Fisheries Department in Belize City, Belize. It provides guidelines and structure for submitting research proposals related to fisheries in Belize.

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