Exempt Organization Templates

Welcome to our Exempt Organization Document Knowledge System. Whether you are a tax-exempt organization, a non-profit entity, or a charitable trust, we have compiled a comprehensive collection of documents and forms to help you navigate the world of exemptions.

Our extensive collection includes a variety of documents to meet your specific needs. From state-specific sales and use tax forms, such as the Form ST-119.1 New York State and Local Sales and Use Tax - Exempt Organization - Exempt Purchase Certificate - New York, to business income tax return instructions like the Instructions for Form N-70NP Exempt Organization Business Income Tax Return - Hawaii, we have you covered.

If you are planning a fundraising event, we have you covered too. Our Exempt Organization Fund-Raising Notice Form - Maryland allows you to comply with the necessary requirements to ensure a successful fundraising campaign.

For those eligible for a motor fuel refund, we provide the Form GAS-1206 Motor Fuel Claim for Refund Exempt Entities - North Carolina. This document is tailored for organizations that are entitled to claim a refund on motor fuel taxes.

Lastly, for private foundations or non-exempt charitable trusts, we offer detailed instructions for the IRS Form 990-PF Return of Private Foundation or Section 4947(A)(1) xempt Charitable Trust Treated as a Private Foundation. These instructions will guide you through the process of reporting information on your foundation's activities and finances.

No matter the documentation needs of your exempt organization, our user-friendly system is here to assist you. With a wide range of forms and instructions at your fingertips, you can easily navigate the intricacies of exemptions and better understand the requirements specific to your organization.




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This form is used for reporting purchases of tangible personal property and services by qualifying exempt organizations in Connecticut.

This form allows you to purchase tax-free products that are normally subject to sales tax. It is a state-specific document issued by the New York state (NY State Department of Taxation and Finance).

This Form is used for reporting purchases made for resale or by exempt organizations in the state of Vermont.

This Form is used for businesses, exempt organizations, estates, and trusts in California to notify the Franchise Tax Board of a change of address. It provides instructions on how to properly complete and submit the form. This document helps ensure that the organization's address is updated and communication can be done effectively with the Franchise Tax Board.

This Form is used for nonprofit organizations in Maryland to provide information about their fundraising activities.

This is a fiscal form used by tax-exempt organizations required to inform tax organizations about their earnings, expenses, and achievements over the course of the year.

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