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Non Profit Organizations: Welcome to our webpage dedicated to non profit organizations (also known as non profit organizations or non profit organization). We understand the importance of these organizations in our communities and the valuable work they do to promote social good.

At our site, you will find a plethora of information and resources related to non profit organizations. Whether you are a current member or thinking of starting your own non profit organization, we have the tools and guidance to support you.

One of our featured documents is the Sample IRS Letter 948, Determination Letter Recognizing Exemption Under IRC 501(A). This letter is crucial for non profit organizations as it provides official recognition from the IRS regarding their tax-exempt status. It serves as evidence that the organization meets the requirements under the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(A).

Another document you might find helpful is the Form ABC-865 Notification of Non-profit Organization Event Promoting the Arts - Kansas. This form is specific to non profit organizations in the state of Kansas and is used to notify the appropriate authorities about an event that promotes the arts. It ensures compliance with state regulations and helps showcase the nonprofit's commitment to cultural enrichment.

For those seeking board membership in a non profit organization, our Board Application - Nunavut, Canada document provides a comprehensive application form utilized by non profit organizations in Nunavut, Canada. This form collects essential information about an individual's qualifications, experience, and interest in serving on the board of a non profit organization.

Should your non profit organization be involved in tax-exempt bond activities, we have a valuable resource in the IRS Form 990 Schedule K Supplemental Information on Tax-Exempt Bonds. This form is used to disclose information related to tax-exempt bonds, including their issuance, use of proceeds, and compliance with regulations. It ensures transparency and accountability for non profit organizations involved in financial activities.

Lastly, our Form 251 Application for an Amended Certificate of Authority - Foreign Non-profit Corporation - Rhode Island is designed for non profit organizations registered as foreign corporations seeking an amended certificate of authority in Rhode Island. This form streamlines the application process and ensures compliance with state laws and regulations.

Browse through our extensive collection of documents and resources for non profit organizations. We aim to support your journey in making a positive impact on our society.




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This Form is used for submitting a request for donations to Ladyluck organization.

This type of document is a request for supporting documentation during an audit of a non-profit organization. It is used to gather necessary information and evidence to ensure compliance and accuracy in financial reporting.


This document is a template for recording donations for the Relay for Life event organized by the Cancer Society. Use this sheet to easily track and collect donations from participants and sponsors.

This document provides information about tax exemptions available to benevolent and charitable institutions in the state of Maine. It outlines the eligibility criteria and the process for obtaining these exemptions.

This Form is used for applying to become a professional solicitor in the state of Kansas.

This document is used for non-stock corporations in Delaware to request a certificate of dissolution before starting their business.

This document is for professional fundraisers in Minnesota who need to indicate their intent to continue their bond coverage. It serves as a certificate to certify the continuation of the bond.

This document is a checklist for new nonprofit organizations in Nebraska applying for a Certificate of Exemption. It outlines the necessary requirements and steps to complete the application process.

This form is used for obtaining vouchers from the Save Our Children's Sight Fund in New Mexico, which can be used to help cover the cost of eye care and vision services for children.

This form is used by organizations in Ohio to affirm their IRS tax-exempt status.

This document is used for providing budget information for non-construction programs when applying for funding through the Small Business Administration (SBA).

This document is an application form for obtaining a food processor for non-profit organizations in Rhode Island.

This document is an application for obtaining a Certificate of Authority for a foreign cooperative entity in the state of South Dakota. It is required for cooperatives operating outside of South Dakota to conduct business within the state.

This document is a grant application for non-profit organizations in Utah that are interested in implementing a spay and neuter program for community cats and dogs.

This form is used to apply for an exemption for a charitable organization in the state of Minnesota.

This is a formal instrument prepared and filed by an organization that wants the fiscal authorities to confirm its exemption from the obligation to pay income tax on a federal level.

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