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This spreadsheet contains information about agency consolidations in the state of Connecticut. It provides an overview of the organizations that have merged or consolidated their operations.

This document provides information about the Program Technician III Examination in California. It includes details about the exam, requirements, and application process.

This document provides information about the examination requirements and procedures for individuals interested in becoming a Supervising Deputy Attorney General in California.

This form is used for submitting capital projects reports in Canada. It allows individuals or organizations to provide detailed information about their ongoing or planned projects, including project goals, timelines, budgets, and progress updates. This document is essential for tracking and managing capital projects effectively.

This document certifies a public body in the state of Ohio. It demonstrates that the organization has met the necessary requirements and standards set by the state government. The certification signifies that the public body is recognized as a legitimate entity and is eligible to provide services or operate within Ohio.

This document is a checklist used in Ohio to guide the agreement process between a state agency and an architect/engineer. It ensures that all necessary components are included in the agreement to protect both parties involved.

This document provided by the state of Texas explains what a conflict of interest is and how it can impact various situations. It outlines the rules and regulations that individuals and organizations must follow to address conflicts of interest in Texas.

This document is a posting for an internship position in the state of Vermont. It provides information about the internship opportunity available in Vermont.

This document is used for submitting a modification request for a task order under the HBITS program in New York.

This document is for individuals interested in participating in the Public Service Corps program in New York City. It outlines the commitment required by the agency and the responsibilities of participants.

This document is a request for a certification of eligibles in Broome County, New York. It is used to determine the qualified candidates for a particular job or position.

This document is for making a request to obtain public records from Okaloosa County in Florida. It allows individuals to access information about government activities and records.

This document is for the Civil Division Transit Subsidy Program. It provides information about a program that offers subsidies for transportation for employees in the Civil Division.

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