Washington Dc Department of Human Resources Forms

The Washington DC Department of Human Resources is responsible for managing the human resources functions of the District of Columbia government. This includes recruitment, hiring, benefits administration, employee relations, training and development, and other related activities for the employees of the District government. The department ensures that the workforce of the District government is well-staffed, equipped, and supported to carry out their duties effectively. It also manages various employee benefits programs and provides assistance and resources to employees in matters related to their employment.




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This document is an attachment that accompanies an application for employment with the District of Columbia Government in Washington, D.C.

This Form is used for appointing an individual and contains an affidavit and declaration for the Appointee in Washington, D.C.

This Form is used for Drug Free Workplace Notification in Washington, D.C. It notifies employees about the drug-free policy in the workplace.

This document is used for recording prior federal and/or district government service in Washington, D.C. It is required for individuals who have previously worked in these government sectors and need to document their service history.

This form is used for applying for and making changes to Smartbenefits in Washington, D.C.

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