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Are you an employer or an individual looking to ensure a drug-free environment? Our drug test documentation collection has everything you need to implement a comprehensive drug testing program. With various drug test forms and templates available, you can easily create your own customized drug test procedures.

Drug testing has become a vital component in many industries to maintain a safe workplace, comply with regulations, and promote a drug-free environment. Our drug test collection includes a range of documents that are designed to meet the specific requirements of different regions and industries.

Whether you are a healthcare provider, a school, or a government agency, our drug test forms can help you streamline your drug testing process. Our drug test templates are user-friendly and can be easily modified to suit your unique needs. These templates include all the necessary sections, such as candidate information, consent, specimen collection, and result interpretation. By using our templates, you will save time and effort in creating your own drug test documentation from scratch.

Our drug test documentation collection is always up-to-date to ensure compliance with current regulations. We understand that different regions may have specific requirements for drug testing, which is why our collection includes documents from different states and countries. You can choose the relevant forms and templates based on your location and industry.

Whether you need a Drug Free Certificate Template, The Drug AbuseScreening Test Template (DAST) recommended by the US Preventive ServicesTask Force, or region-specific forms like Form C Methadone Programs, Form 08TA011E Drug Screen Requirements Acknowledgment, or Form F-01542 Notification of Required Drug Testing, you can find them all in our comprehensive drug test documentation collection.

Ensure the safety and integrity of your workplace with our drug test documentation collection. Implementing a drug testing program not only protects your organization but also promotes a healthy and drug-free environment for your employees. Stay compliant, save time, and create a robust drug testing program with our easy-to-use drug test forms and templates.




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This document is a template for a certificate that certifies an individual as being free from methamphetamine use. It can be used as evidence of sobriety.

This document is a template for a Drug Free Certificate. It can be used to recognize individuals or organizations that have successfully completed a drug-free program or initiative.

This form is used for recording the results of the Ez-Cup Drug Screen test conducted by U.S. Diagnostics.

This form is used to document the results of drug tests conducted on-site by Medimpex United Inc.

This Form is used for assessing drug abuse in individuals and helping to identify those who may need treatment or intervention. The DAST template was developed by the US Preventive Services Task Force.

This form is used for reporting drug screen results. It is associated with Rapiddetectinc, a company that specializes in drug testing. The form is specific to Oklahoma.

This document provides a chart that specifies the cutoff and toxicity levels for drugs of abuse testing. It helps in understanding the thresholds for detecting various drugs in a person's system.

This document provides a classification table and detection time chart for urine drug testing. It helps to understand which drugs can be detected and how long they can stay in the body.

This Form is used for documenting the condition of employment for certain civilian positions identified as safety-sensitive under the Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration rules on drug and alcohol testing.

This form is used for summarizing the samples submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It helps track and document the information related to the samples, including their source, testing methods, and results.

This form is used for applying to the Drug-Free Workplace Premium Credit Program in Florida. Businesses can apply to receive a premium credit on their workers' compensation insurance policy by implementing and maintaining a drug-free workplace program.

This form is used for employee drug testing referrals in the state of Florida. It is used to document and facilitate the process of screening employees for drug use.

This document is a notice of application for a supervised diversionary program in Connecticut, available in Portuguese. It is used to inform individuals about the application process and requirements for participating in the program.

This form is used for giving consent to an alcohol or drug test in the state of Nevada. It is necessary for certain jobs or legal situations.

This document is used for referring individuals to drug testing services in the state of Missouri.

This document is used for keeping track of drug screening tests in the state of Georgia, United States. It helps maintain a record of individuals who have undergone drug screening and the results of those tests.

This form is used for employers in Kansas to collect information regarding drug and alcohol policies and statements from their employees.

This document provides information about drug and alcohol screening in the state of Montana. It covers the rules, regulations, and procedures for testing individuals for substances and provides guidelines for employers and employees.

This form is used for documenting drug influence evaluations in the state of New Jersey. It helps in keeping a log of these evaluations for record-keeping purposes.

This document is for individuals who wish to apply for a driver position in New York. It is used to collect information about the applicant's qualifications, experience, and driving history.

This document is used for collecting data on drug testing in Utah as part of the FTA (Federal Transit Administration) program.

This document is used to obtain consent from a client in Vermont to release the results of their drug testing.

This Form is used for conducting drug and alcohol testing in the state of Washington for health services.

This form is used for creating a presumptive drug testing agreement in the state of Washington. It outlines the terms and conditions for drug testing and the rights of all parties involved.

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