What Is a Drug Test Results Form? 

A Drug Test Results Form is a written document that verifies the presence or absence of drugs in the body and certifies the person who was tested has agreed to the analysis in advance. The results are certified whether the physician detected substance use or found no drugs in the system of the individual who was tested. You can complete this form if you represent an employer who wants to ensure their employees do not have an addiction, if you are a doctor and you suspect your patient may deal with substance abuse, or you work for a drug rehabilitation facility and conduct drug testing regularly.

If you need a Drug Test Results Form template, feel free to browse our library of documents and templates below.

Here is how you can prepare a Drug Test Results Form:

  1. Enter the name of the company responsible for the testing. Add its contact information.
  2. Record the name of the individual who gave their consent to drug testing. Make sure you check their identification document to know they are who they say they are. Since most drug screenings take place at the request of the employer, you may write down the employee identification number or a payroll number. It is also recommended to state the identification number of the specimen to facilitate the work of the medical review officer.
  3. Fill out the certification portion of the form. The person being tested must confirm they have agreed to the testing voluntarily while the collector - the person collecting the specimen - certifies the process of collection was appropriate and the sample was not tampered with to the best of their knowledge. Both individuals must sign and date the document.
  4. List types of drugs you are testing for. Add boxes "negative," "positive," and "not tested" - you can tick the boxes to show whether you have found any drugs during the analysis. Additionally, you can perform a screening test for alcohol - record the blood alcohol level.



"Ez-Cup Drug Screen Result Form - U.S. Diagnostics"

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