Fill and Sign Vermont Legal Forms

Vermont Legal Forms are various formal documents - certificates, contracts, applications, deeds, etc. - residents of Vermont use to verify their legal rights and obligations in the eyes of the law. Every individual needs to prepare legal documentation in their life - whether you want your driver's license renewed, buy a new house, or file a job application, all these procedures are guided by laws and regulations. However, you do not have to find a professional attorney or hope an acquaintance who graduated from a law school will help you to draft legal papers - you can easily do it yourself. For a full list of free Vermont Legal Forms please check out our library below.

Vermont State Departments

  1. Department of Vermont Health Access
  2. Department of Buildings and General Services
  3. Department of Children and Families
  4. Department of Corrections
  5. Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living
  6. Department of Environmental Conservation
  7. Department of Finance & Management
  8. Department of Financial Regulation
  9. Department of Fish & Wildlife
  10. Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation
  11. Department of Health
  12. Department of Human Resources
  13. Department of Labor
  14. Department of Libraries
  15. Department of Liquor Control
  16. Department of Mental Health
  17. Department of Motor Vehicles
  18. Department of Public Safety
  19. Department of Public Service
  20. Department of State's Attorneys and Sheriffs
  21. Department of Taxes
  22. Department of Tourism & Marketing
  23. Department of Veterans Affairs

Vermont State Courts

  1. Judiciary (all forms)
  2. Family Court
  3. Probate Court
  4. Small Claims Court
  5. Superior Court
  6. Supreme Court
  7. United States District Court for the District of Vermont

Vermont State Agencies and Commissions

  1. Agency of Agriculture Food and Markets
  2. Agency of Commerce and Community Development
  3. Agency of Education
  4. Agency of Transportation
  5. Criminal Justice Training Council
  6. State Treasurer's Office
  7. Secretary of State

Our website offers you a wide range of the State of Vermont Legal Forms. Whether you represent your own interests or act on behalf of your company as its owner or employee, you can benefit from various forms and templates. Here is what you will be able to achieve using the documentation we provide:

  • Sell valuable items - real estate, mobile homes, vehicles, vessels, and firearms. You will obtain proof of payment and release yourself from responsibility for the property or become its legal owner;
  • File taxes for your household and your company, claim deductions and refunds from the state;
  • Compose a last will and testament to decide in advance what will happen to your possessions when you pass away and who will inherit them;
  • Submit business documentation to various agencies and offices that issue permits and licenses so that you can conduct your entrepreneurial activity complying with existing laws.

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