Vermont Department of Public Service Forms

The Vermont Department of Public Service is responsible for overseeing and regulating various public utilities and services in the state of Vermont. Their role includes ensuring the provision of reliable and affordable energy, telecommunication, and water services to the residents of Vermont. They also work to promote and support the development of clean and sustainable energy sources in the state. Additionally, the department represents the interests of consumers in utility-related matters and engages in long-term planning for Vermont's energy future.




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This form is used for reporting incidents in the gas distribution system in Vermont. It is designed to document and track any issues or incidents related to the distribution of gas in the state.

This form is used for submitting an affidavit related to a DUI case involving the use of infrared technology in Vermont.

This Form is used for applying to the Vermont Small Hydropower Assistance Program.

This type of document provides safety guidelines and information for construction workers in Vermont regarding the identification and awareness of underground utility markings.

This type of document, called "Toolbox Talks - White Lining or Premarking", provides information and guidelines about white lining or premarking methods used in the state of Vermont. It is a resource for individuals or groups involved in road or parking lot marking projects.

This document provides pre-excavation site inspection guidelines for construction projects in Vermont. It helps ensure the safety and proper planning of excavations before work begins.

This document outlines the steps to follow if you accidentally break electric lines in Vermont. It provides guidance on how to handle the situation safely and effectively.

This document provides steps to take if you accidentally damage something in Vermont. It offers guidance on documenting and reporting the damage correctly.

This document is for registering for the Underground Utility Damage Prevention Seminar in Vermont.

This document provides guidance on planning a job to avoid accidents or mistakes. Specifically designed for use in Vermont.

This type of document provides steps to take in case you accidentally break natural gas, petroleum, or propane lines in Vermont. It offers guidance for ensuring safety and minimizing risks in such situations.

This document is for applicants of the Act 71 Broadband Construction Program in Vermont. It includes an applicant certification form.

This document is for in-state generation facilities in Vermont and outlines the application fee required by the Public Utility Commission and Department of Public Service.

This document provides instructions for obtaining the 2020 Vermont Commercial Building Energy Standards (CBES) Certificate and Affidavits. It outlines the requirements and process for ensuring commercial buildings in Vermont meet energy efficiency standards.

This type of document is used for obtaining a certificate and affidavits related to the 2020 Vermont Commercial Building Energy Standards (CBES) in Vermont.

This document is used in Vermont for owner/builders to disclose information related to their construction project in 2020.

This document allows individuals in Vermont to report any damage to underground facilities.

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