Free Risk Assessment Templates

What Is Risk Assessment?

Risk Assessment is the process of identifying, evaluating, and computing the levels of risks for a certain situation.

Alternate Name:

  • Security Risk Assessment.

Whether you have a commercial enterprise, treat patients, or command a military unit, this process will help you to make sure that your workplace or location is safe and all individuals involved are protected from various dangers. Whenever you prepare for a particular activity (especially if it is something new for you and your organization or team, something you have never tried before), you should carry out a proper Risk Assessment to take care of the wellbeing of all individuals and equipment. Additionally, without proper control, you may encounter financial losses - not only loss of anticipated profit, but also fines and civil actions.

Consider performing a Risk Assessment for the following reasons:

  1. Check how effective are the control measures already in place.
  2. Implement additional measures in areas where the risk remains and is considered to be more than insignificant or minor.
  3. Prioritize resources in the future to be able to minimize the effects of hazards.

Browse the links below for a full list of printable Risk Assessment templates.

How to Do Risk Assessment?

There are five steps to a Risk Assessment Process:

  • Find out which issues your employees and subordinates face;
  • Identify people who might be at risk - not only those who work for you but also customers, patients, and other individuals;
  • Take direct action against the hazards;
  • Make records of the main findings using a customized Risk Assessment Template;
  • Review your actions, discuss them with appropriate administrators and managers, and think about precautions to avoid similar situations in the future.

The documents below will help you to develop a Risk Assessment for your organization or military division:

  1. IT Risk Assessment Template. This document will allow you to keep track of all possible risks your information technology faces every day - protect yourself from security breaches, hackers, and malware.
  2. HIPAA Risk Assessment Template. To comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, you need to complete this template to reduce the possibility of violations in your medical practice.
  3. Business Risk Assessment Template. Identify potential hazards your company faces. They may range from intangible to tangible - you may have to face a financial crisis or fix broken smoke detectors in your office.
  4. Vendor Risk Assessment Template. Use this document when performing due diligence and investigating potential business partners, suppliers, and major clients.
  5. DD Form 2977, Army Risk Assessment. This worksheet allows servicemembers to record the hazards they encounter during a mission or task and undertake steps to address and eliminate those risks.
  6. NIST Risk Assessment Template. Compose this report if you need to follow guidelines established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, determine risks and their likelihood, and control the threat sources and events.

What Is a Risk Assessment Matrix?

A Risk Assessment Matrix is a visual tool designed to evaluate the potential risks of the project or work and its probability. Using this instrument, you will be able to identify what could go wrong and see the potential damage. Once you implement this matrix, you can decide what your priorities are and what action can be taken to keep your work or project on course with all the safety measures.

Generally, a Risk Assessment Matrix contains levels of risk probabilities (unlikely, possible, certain) and their consequences (insignificant, minor, moderate, major, critical). The likelihood of hazards can also be measured in percentage ranges (for instance, 0-25%, 26-50%, 51-75%, and 76-100%). This way, it is possible to see the implications of decisions you make and their severity - financial impacts and influence on human life, especially if your line of work is dangerous. The figures you receive after your calculations will help you to gain more insight into the risk, and you can discover what must be done to minimize it and prevent this occurrence in the future.

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This form is used for reporting incidents involving potential exposure to bloodborne diseases, such as HIV and hepatitis, in order to ensure proper follow-up and prevent the spread of infection.

This form is used to assess the potential risks associated with resident events at Mount Allison University to ensure the safety of participants.

This Form is used for evaluating potential risks and hazards associated with travel. It helps individuals and organizations assess and manage the risks they might encounter during their trips.

This document is used to assess the risk of tuberculosis infection. It helps determine the likelihood of exposure and the need for further testing or treatment.

This Form is used for assessing the risk of suicide in individuals within the WA Country Health Service (Wachs) region.

This form is used to assess the risk of caries (tooth decay) in a car recall situation.


This Form is used for certifying hazard assessments in the state of Hawaii. It is filled out to ensure that hazards in the workplace are identified and properly addressed to maintain a safe working environment.

This document is a template used for conducting fire risk assessments. It helps identify potential fire hazards and develop strategies to minimize the risk of fire incidents.

This document is a manual handling risk assessment checklist template provided by the Pony Club Association NSW. It helps assess and manage the risks associated with manual handling tasks.

This Form is used for conducting a health risk assessment to evaluate your health status and identify potential risks for developing certain health conditions. It helps healthcare professionals in designing appropriate healthcare plans and interventions based on your individual health needs.

This document provides a template for conducting a fire safety risk assessment. It helps identify potential fire hazards and evaluate the level of risk in order to implement appropriate precautions and measures to ensure the safety of the premises and its occupants.

This document is a template used to evaluate the effectiveness of fire drills. It helps organizations assess their emergency preparedness and identify areas for improvement.

This document is a template for creating a risk assessment statement. It helps businesses evaluate potential risks and develop plans to mitigate them.

This document is a template used to report safety hazards. It helps individuals or organizations document and report potential hazards in order to promote safety and prevent accidents or injuries.

This document template is used for reporting near misses, incidents, and the corresponding response measures.

This document is a template that can be used to report on a fire drill. It helps to document the details of the drill, including the date, time, location, and any observations or actions taken during the drill. This form is used for recording and maintaining a record of fire drills for safety purposes.

This document is a template for creating a feasibility report. It helps businesses evaluate the viability of a project or idea before investing resources.


This document is a template used for creating an audit report. It provides a structure and format for detailing the findings and conclusions of an audit.

This document provides a template for analyzing and evaluating the creditworthiness of customers. It helps businesses assess the financial stability and risk associated with extending credit to their customers.

This document is used for conducting a hazard assessment and documenting the findings in a table format.

This Form is used for assessing individual health risks and identifying potential health issues. It helps healthcare professionals to develop personalized treatment plans and provide preventive care recommendations.

This form is used for assessing the risk of infection control in healthcare settings. It helps identify potential risks and implement measures to prevent the spread of infections.

This document provides a template for assessing and managing risks during field activities conducted by the University of Wollongong. It helps ensure the safety of participants and the successful execution of the activities.

This document is a template for a project that involves building a disaster scene using towering toothpicks.

This Form is used for assessing and obtaining permits for working in confined spaces to ensure safety and mitigate risks.

This document provides a template for conducting daily inspections of cranes to ensure they are safe and in proper working condition. It includes a checklist of items to be inspected, such as the hoist, brakes, and controls, to ensure compliance with safety regulations. Use this checklist to maintain crane safety and prevent accidents.

This document is a template for creating a risk management plan. It helps businesses identify and assess potential risks and develop strategies for managing them effectively.

This document is a template for a Project Risk Assessment Questionnaire. It helps in identifying and analyzing potential risks that may impact a project.

This document is used for assessing the risk of suicide in individuals. It helps professionals evaluate various factors that may contribute to suicidal ideation, such as mental health history, current stressors, and support systems.

This Form is used for evaluating and managing potential risks in Australia. It helps businesses identify, assess, and implement measures to control those risks.


This document is used for assessing the risk of fire in buildings and premises located in West Sussex, United Kingdom. It helps identify potential fire hazards and implement appropriate safety measures to reduce the risk of fire incidents.

This document is a risk assessment checklist template used to evaluate potential risks in various situations and environments. It helps identify and assess hazards, prioritize risks, and develop risk mitigation strategies.

This form used to be a U.S. Army worksheet for recording composite risk management. As of today, the DA Form 7566 CRM has been rescinded - all units must use DD Form 2977, Deliberate Risk Assessment Worksheet.

This document is a Composite Risk Management Worksheet used by the Defense Acquisition (DA) in the United States. It helps assess risks and develop plans to mitigate them.

This document is a Braden Scale Chart used for assessing a patient's risk for developing pressure ulcers. It helps healthcare professionals determine the appropriate preventative measures and interventions needed to prevent skin breakdown.

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