Free Accident Report Forms and Templates

An Accident Report refers to a detailed description of an unfortunate event that may have led to medical problems or loss of property as well as a near-miss event without any negative consequences.

Alternate Name:

  • Incident Report Form.

Whether you are telling your landlord about the furniture you damaged while renting the apartment or elaborating on the causes of a workplace injury of your colleague, the findings you put in the report will reduce the likelihood of a similar issue happening again for the benefit of all individuals involved.

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Accident Report Form Types

  • Motor Vehicle Accident Report Forms. People involved in a road accident, witnesses, and police officers are obliged to draft and submit formal statements describing the incidents in full detail - the information they provide will identify the culprit and indicate the amount of compensation for the injured party;
  • An Employee Accident Report Form is prepared with the goal to prevent future physical injuries and material loss if an incident took place on company property - employees have to notify their supervisor and in certain cases the police about the accident;
  • Child Accident Report Forms. It is obligatory to complete an Incident Report whenever a child was hurt while under the supervision of someone other than their parents or legal guardians - injuries or fights that occurred in the school or kindergarten must be taken seriously;
  • A Fire Incident Report is filled out by the people that witnessed the fire or firefighters asked to investigate what caused the fire - these details may be required by the police or insurance provider;
  • Event Incident Report Form. If you had to deal with an accident that led to injuries or fatalities, the person in charge of the event or someone that was present at the scene should specify what happened and who was involved;
  • A Customer Incident Report Form is completed by an employee to describe the accident that took place at their job and involved a client whether they witnessed the incident or they are summarizing the information conveyed by their subordinates;
  • A Restaurant Incident Report Form will be useful for establishments that serve food - in case a guest or one of the staff got sick or was hurt or you noticed damage to the property of the place, the manager elaborates on the accident and the treatment offered to the person that was harmed;
  • Tenant Incident Report Form. This statement is prepared by the person that rents a house or apartment to inform the owner of the property about injuries they sustained on the premises or items that were damaged because of an accident.

How to Report an Accident?

Here is how you should draft an Incident Report Form:

  1. Enter the date and location of the accident. It is important to point out the precise area of the incident and specify the time - talk to other people to establish them with maximum accuracy. Write down your own name and job title if needed and explain why you are the one reporting the circumstances.
  2. Elaborate on the incident. It can be a comprehensive account where you tell your own impressions or a report separated into sections to list the people that were harmed, the witnesses, the events that took place, the consequences of the accident, the emergency services called, and the reasons of the incident if you discovered that information.
  3. If you were not present at the scene and you are relaying information you received from witnesses, properly indicate that in writing, identify the people that provided you with the details you include in the report, and ask them to sign the document as well.
  4. Record the measures taken to avert the danger. This part of the report may record the actions to protect the people from harm such as extinguishing the fire as well as subsequent efforts made to improve safety - for example, you may have conducted a fire safety training for the staff and purchased new fire extinguishers for your office.
  5. Date and sign the report. You are required to certify your responsibility to provide truthful information - if it is determined you hid certain facts or lied, it may have serious implications for you and your business, not to mention legal issues due to false statements.

When Are You Required to File an Accident Report?

In many instances, the individual that witnessed the incident, was harmed as a result of it, or was asked to provide assistance in the aftermath is responsible for composing an Incident Report Form and submitting it to their employer, insurance company, or police. The exact deadline depends on several factors - your location, the severity of the incident, and specific circumstances like the injury of the customer, the illness of the student, or the loss of insured property.

Nevertheless, in the majority of cases, you are advised to immediately react to the accident, make sure the people present at the scene are no longer in danger, carefully examine the premises, provide first aid to injured individuals or call the emergency services, and notify the interested parties - for instance, parents of a kid that was hurt in daycare. After that, you have around one or three days to reach out to the authorities or insurers that will need to hear a firsthand account of the incident.

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