Free Car Maintenance Forms

Regular car maintenance will reduce the probability of a vehicle breakdown, so you can be certain – your car is in the best condition to support your journey. Our guide will help you to find a template for any vehicle-related issue.

Vehicle Bills of Sale

Selling or buying a vehicle is a major financial decision for most people. Do your best to prepare for this transaction by filling out a Vehicle Bill of Sale. This document provides important legal protections to both parties – it proves the sale took place and relieves the previous owner from the responsibility for the car.

Car Maintenance Forms and Related Templates

Whether you need basic car maintenance for your business needs or are looking for a car maintenance checklist to take care of your personal vehicle, you will be able to find the required template in our library of vehicle maintenance forms.

Printable Vehicle Log Sheets

Browse our library of forms that record the details of the vehicle use.

  1. Driving Log. Check out our collection of driving hours logs to practice driving, receive compensation from your employer, or deduct various costs if the vehicle was used for business.
  2. Mileage Log. This document has two functions – you may claim mileage as a tax deduction in your income tax return and collect reimbursement if you drive between work sites or go on business-related errands.
  3. Gas Mileage Log. Use one of our templates to record how much gas your vehicle consumes. Additionally, you may track the mileage on the car’s odometer.
  4. Vehicle Maintenance Log. Document the repair work and condition of your vehicle. This form is usually used by transport operators, but you may draft it to support your personal insurance claim.

Odometer Disclosures

If you are selling your vehicle, you are required to fill out an Odometer Disclosure Statement. This document – usually state-issued - indicates the vehicle’s mileage. Attach the statement to the Vehicle Bill of Sale and give the papers to the purchaser who then obtains ownership of the car.

Vehicle Inspection

The following documents are important for any driver and every car that is out on the road. Ensure that you are safe while driving around, plan your journey beforehand, ensure the vehicle is fully functional, and get reimbursed for the driving time, maintenance, and repair costs.

  1. Vehicle Inspection Checklist. Use one of our templates to record the pre-operation inspection of the vehicle each time it is used – for instance, before the first call or at the beginning of the shift.
  2. Car Maintenance Schedule. This document establishes the record of the current condition and repairs of an individual vehicle, maintenance work, and their costs.
  3. Travel Itinerary Template. If you are in need of a personalized schedule to help you organize various travel events, dates, and routes, either for business or personal matters – this is the form for you.
  4. Auto Expense Report. Generally, this form is used to keep records about personal and business trips, repair costs, and vehicle maintenance. Drivers use it to receive compensation for their driving time and expenses.
  5. Driver Medical Form. Complete one of our templates to record information regarding the physical, mental, and emotional condition of the driver before it is allowed to operate a motor vehicle and safely perform a job.

Other Car-Related Printables

Below you can find specific templates to advertise the sale of your vehicle and prevent parking in certain places.

  1. Car for Sale Sign. Car dealers and individuals who want to sell their vehicles will find these printable signs very useful.
  2. No Parking Sign. Use our template if you need a sign to prohibit the parking of any vehicle.

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This is a form required in the state of Texas when ownership of a vehicle is transferred from the seller to its new owner.

Use this form to record your vehicle gas consumption and mileage for tax-related purposes.

Individuals or businesses may use this document to record vehicle miles traveled for business.

Keeping a vehicle running smoothly is important to anyone that owns a car. Take a look at our Vehicle Maintenance Log to see what things you can do to keep your machine running like new.

Use this document to record information about business and personal trips, vehicle maintenance, and repair expenses.

Are you looking to plan a trip but unsure how to keep track of all the details? Check out this document to see how you can plan a Travel Itinerary in the easiest way possible.

This type of driving log sheet is used to track the hours and other significant details of supervised driving over a 50 hour driving period.

This type of driving log sheet is used to track the hours and other significant details of supervised driving over a 45 hour driving period.

Individuals can use this document when they would like to gather information about the time they have spent driving over a 30 hour driving period.

This document can be used as a written confirmation of the driving under the supervision of an experienced driver.

An individual may use this type of template would like to have their vehicle inspected for safety purposes.

If you need to make sure a car that had one or more owners in the past meets the safety regulations, fill out this document to report the issues you find or confirm the vehicle can be used immediately.

The purpose of this document is to gather all of the information about the condition of a commercial vehicle and ensure it is ready to be operated.

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