Auto Expense Report Template

Auto Expense Report Template

What Is an Auto Expense Report?

An Auto Expense Report is a document that records information about business and personal trips, vehicle maintenance, and repair expenses. Drivers frequently use their own vehicles for business purposes which saves their employers money since they do not have to buy or rent cars. While this saves money, it is very likely a business will have to compensate employees for their driving time, gas expenses, car repairs, and maintenance.

Alternate Names:

  • Vehicle Expense Report;
  • Car Expense Report.

A printable Auto Expense Report Form is available for download through the link below.


How to Make an Auto Expense Report?

Include the following details in your Auto Expense Report Form:

  1. Your name and address. You should also identify your employer and write down the company's legal address.
  2. Vehicle description. List basic characteristics of your car - its model, make, type, year, and vehicle identification number.
  3. The date, reason, and location of each trip.
  4. Odometer readings (at the start and the end of each trip).
  5. Money spent on gas, tolls, oil changes, maintenance, and repairs. Compose a little table to indicate the date and type of expense, write down who paid for it and the total amount of costs. Employees are often reimbursed for the costs incurred during their business trips. You may draft a Gas Mileage Log to demonstrate how much gas was used during the trip, and your employer will pay you back.
  6. Mileage. Record the miles traveled during each business trip. It is allowed to complete a separate Mileage Log that will be submitted to the IRS to claim a deduction.
  7. Insurance fees. Given that expenses for insurance are not deducted by the IRS, you need to negotiate with the employer about who will pay for the business car insurance that covers work-related trips.

You are free to add any information about the trips you deem relevant but to have sufficient evidence of expenses, keep track of the business mileage, gas consumption, business-related tolls, and odometer readings. Submit an Auto Expense Report to receive compensation and keep a copy of the document in your records.

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