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What Is a Driving Log?

A Driving Log (or "Driving Hours Log") is a document that registers various information about the use of a vehicle. Consider completing a Driving Hours Log if you need to:

  1. Deduct car expenses in case you use your vehicle for business. It is also possible to file a Mileage Log with the IRS and claim a deduction in your annual tax return.
  2. Collect reimbursement from your employer. Additionally, document your gas consumption and mileage using a Gas Mileage Log.
  3. Practice driving. Those who need to practice driving can fill out a supervised Driving Log. Record the information about the supervised driving of a future driver’s license holder and submit it with the application for this license.

If you need a Driving Hours Log you may check out our library of templates below.

How to Log Driving Hours?

If you compose a Driving Log sheet for business or IRS deductions, follow these steps to log driving hours:

  1. Write down the vehicle operator's full name and the driver's license number.
  2. Provide a description of the vehicle - its make, model, type, year, and vehicle identification number.
  3. Register the destination of each trip.
  4. Mark the date, start time, and end time of each trip. Try to record this information on the same day the trips happen to keep the details as accurate as possible.
  5. Indicate the odometer readings of your car at the beginning and the end of the tax year, and before and after each trip.
  6. Record the total number of miles you drove for business.

If you need a supervised Driving Log, include the following details in your document:

  • Date and time of each practice. Keep track of your progress and do not forget to practice night driving;
  • Description of activities and skills practiced during the driving session - for instance, parallel parking and roundabouts;
  • Driving environment. It is recommended to drive in rural areas, highways, and cities;
  • Weather conditions. Try to drive in the rain, fog, snow, and other adverse conditions;
  • Total hours of supervised driving completed.

You must have the required number of hours for your state (usually, you need between 30-50 hours of practice lessons in your Driving Log), so contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles to learn how many hours you need to comply with the requirements of driver's education. Since it is supervised driving, the document must be signed by the parent or guardian who was present during the practice.

What Counts as Night Hours for Driving?

In most parts of the world, night hours for driving are between one hour after sunset (or midnight – whichever happens earlier) and one hour before sunrise the next morning (or 5 AM). Depending on where you live, you might even need to complete a certification of driving for 50 hours or more at night, to be allowed to drive at night.

How Many Hours Do You Have to Drive With an Instructor?

To get a license, you need to obtain behind-the-wheel instruction and practice. Supervised driving requirements vary from state to state – usually, you need to drive between 30 and 50 hours with an instructor, between 10 and 15 hours at night time. Check the requirements for your state by contacting your local Department of Motor Vehicles. To keep track of time spent on the road and diversify a supervised driving experience, complete a supervised Driving Log. State the date and time of driving, length of driving time, indicate whether you drove at day or night, describe the driving environment and weather conditions, and list the skills you practiced.

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This type of driving log sheet is used to track the hours and other significant details of supervised driving over a 50 hour driving period.

This type of driving log sheet is used to track the hours and other significant details of supervised driving over a 45 hour driving period.

Individuals can use this document when they would like to gather information about the time they have spent driving over a 30 hour driving period.


This document can be used as a written confirmation of the driving under the supervision of an experienced driver.

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