Graduated Driver License Templates

A graduated driver license, also known as graduated driver licensing or a graduated driver license form, is a program designed to help new drivers gradually gain experience and become safer drivers. This program is implemented in various states across the USA and Canada.

The graduated driver license program aims to reduce the risk of accidents and fatalities among new drivers by allowing them to obtain their driver's license in stages. This approach provides young and inexperienced drivers with the opportunity to gain experience and develop critical driving skills under supervised conditions.

One example document that is part of the graduated driver license program is the Form DL-31 Graduated Driver License Form in Alabama. This form is a key component of the licensing process and outlines the requirements and restrictions for new drivers. Similarly, in Montana, parents or legal guardians are required to complete Form 21-1600 Graduated Driver Licensing Parent/Legal Guardian Certification, to show their support and commitment to their teen's safe driving practices.

To ensure that new drivers are gaining sufficient practice and experience, states like Minnesota require new drivers to maintain a Supervised Driving Log. This log helps track the number of practice hours completed and allows both the new driver and their supervising adult to monitor progress.

Wisconsin utilizes Form HS-303 Wisconsin Graduated Driver Licensing Supervised Driving Log, which serves a similar purpose to the log in Minnesota - recording supervised driving hours and milestones reached by young drivers.

The graduated driver license program provides a structured and safe approach to transitioning new drivers onto the roads. By incorporating stages and restrictions, such as limiting nighttime driving and the number of passengers, this program helps reduce the likelihood of accidents and empowers new drivers to develop safe driving habits.

Implementing a graduated driver license program has proven to be an effective strategy for improving road safety and decreasing accidents involving new drivers. By gradually introducing driving privileges and emphasizing the importance of supervised practice, this program equips young drivers with the skills and experience needed to navigate the roads confidently.

Whether you refer to it as a graduated driver license, graduated driver licensing, or a graduated driver license form, this program is a crucial step in ensuring the safety and preparedness of new drivers on the road.




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This Form is used for parents or legal guardians to certify their consent and support for their child's participation in the Graduated Driver Licensing program in Montana.

This form is used for keeping track of supervised driving hours as part of the Graduated Driver Licensing program in Wisconsin. It is required for new drivers to complete a certain number of hours before they can obtain their full driver's license.

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