Fill and Sign Colorado Legal Forms

Colorado Legal Forms are developed for the convenience of residents of the state and are used to solve various tasks in different fields of activity. You may find a list of free Colorado legal forms created for individuals and companies. These forms are developed by the state departments to which they must be submitted and have a strictly defined format and filing rules. The rules for completing forms are usually indicated in the form fields, on a separate sheet, or in a separate attached file with instructions.

For a full list of free Colorado Legal Forms, please check out our library below .

Colorado State Departments

  1. Department of Agriculture
  2. Department of Corrections
  3. Department of Education
  4. Department of Health Care Policy and Financing
  5. Department of Higher Education
  6. Department of Human Services
  7. Department of Labor and Employment
  8. Department of Law
  9. Department of Local Affairs
  10. Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
  11. Department of Natural Resources
  12. Department of Personnel and Administration
  13. Department of Public Health and Environment
  14. Department of Public Safety
  15. Department of Regulatory Agencies
  16. Department of Revenue
  17. Department of Transportation
  18. Department of Treasury

Colorado State Courts

  1. Judicial Branch (all forms)
  2. District Courts

Colorado State Agencies and Commissions

  1. Office of Economic Development and International Trade
  2. Secretary of State
  3. State Directory of New Hires
  4. General Assembly

Colorado Legal Forms by County

  1. City and County of Denver Assessor's Office
  2. City and County of Denver Office of the Clerk and Recorder
  3. City and County of Denver Treasury Division
  4. Boulder County Coroner's Office
  5. Town of Frisco Department of Finance
  6. City of Brighton Finance Department
  7. City of Colorado Springs Finance Department
  8. City of Delta Finance Department
  9. City of Glenwood Springs Finance Department
  10. City of Greenwood Village Finance Department
  11. City of Thornton Finance Department
  12. Town of Avon Finance Department
  13. City and County of Broomfield Performance and Internal Audit Department
  14. Washington County Planning & Zoning Department
  15. City of Boulder Planning and Development Services
  16. City of Sterling Public Works Department
  17. Washington County Road and Bridge Department

There are different state of Colorado legal forms:

  • Forms created for individuals . As a resident of the state, if you want to register to vote , there is a specific form that applicants can fill out to be eligible to vote in a primary or any other election A resident of Colorado should also use a specific form to report a change of address;
  • Forms developed for employers . Some businesses have to complete a template to correct worker wages misreported under an incorrect social security number (SSN), or submit a form to apply for unemployment insurance account and determine employer liability ;
  • Forms used in transportation . These kinds of templates are created for a transferor and transferee to record receipt of new equipment, its disposal or transfer, and to provide a description of every transferred item, including its serial number and purchase price. You may also need a pre-approved product evaluation request, containing a product name, its description, information about the manufacturer, and the statement that this product is acceptable for use. A transport permit application has also been developed and is issued on an annual or single basis depending on the circumstances;
  • Forms connected with vehicles . You may need a template that gives your representative the power to pledge, sell, or otherwise dispose of your motor vehicle .

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This Form is used for transferring ownership of a vehicle or equipment in the state of Colorado. It includes information about the buyer, seller, and the vehicle/equipment being sold.

Form 35 is an agreement between a health professional and a custodian in Colorado. The parties agree on the confidential treatment of chemicals, to which 10 clauses of the agreement give a detailed explanation.

This Form is used for leasing a mobile home, house, or space in Colorado. It ensures that both the landlord and tenant understand and agree to the terms and conditions of the lease.

This document provides instructions for the process of a non-expedited relinquishment in Colorado. It guides individuals on the necessary steps and requirements for relinquishing certain rights or responsibilities.


This document is a template for an Affidavit of Common Law Marriage specific to Pitkin County, Colorado. It is used to provide proof of a common law marriage in legal matters.

This document is used for applying for employment with the City of La Junta in Colorado.

This Form is used for individuals in Colorado to apply for a public defender, court-appointed counsel, or guardian ad litem for legal representation in their case.

This document is used for correcting incorrect trademark information, such as the form of registrant or jurisdiction. It provides a sample format for making corrections specifically for the state of Colorado.

This document is used to correct the registered agent information for a trademark in Colorado by providing an address for service of process.

This document is a sample template used for correcting the registered agent information for a trademark in the state of Colorado.

This Form is used for providing performance feedback and evaluating employees of the City and County of Broomfield, Colorado.

This form is used for reporting changes in liquor and beer licenses for corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships in the state of Colorado.

Download this official form to fill it out every time you buy or sell a watercraft in the state of Colorado. It is a legally binding agreement that constitutes a proof of payment during the boat transfer.

This form is used to report and pay sales and use taxes to the City of Longmont, Colorado. It is used by businesses and individuals who have made taxable sales or purchases within the city.

This document is used for reporting and paying sales tax on a quarterly basis for businesses operating in the City and County of Denver, Colorado.

This form is used for conducting a cultural resource survey in Colorado. It is specifically designed for architectural inventory and helps in identifying and documenting historic resources in the state.


This form is used for applying for a general purpose water well permit in Colorado. It allows individuals to request permission to drill a well for various uses such as irrigation or domestic water supply.

This type of document certifies a Personal Services Agreement in the state of Colorado. It outlines the terms and conditions of an agreement between a client and a service provider for personal services.

This form is used for reporting unclaimed property in the state of Colorado. It provides a way for individuals and organizations to report any unclaimed assets they hold, such as money or valuable items, to the state government.

This form is used for filing sales tax returns in the Town of Parker, Colorado. It is used by businesses to report and remit the sales tax collected from their customers.

This form is used for applying for a sales, use, lodger's tax license, and/or occupational tax registration in the City and County of Denver, Colorado.

This form is used for reporting and remitting sales and use tax to the City of Sterling, Colorado. It is mandatory for businesses operating within the city limits to file this return on a regular basis.

This Form is used for correcting social security numbers in Colorado for the UITR-6C form.


This form is used for applying for a sales/use tax license in the city of Golden, Colorado.

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