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What Is a Certificate?

A Certificate refers to a formal document that confirms a fact - the participation in the event, the accomplishments of a student or employee, or the acquisition of skills during training. It can be accepted as sufficient proof by authorities, courts, employers or simply please the recipient whose achievements have been recognized.

Certificate Templates by Type

Whether you want to provide authentic proof of academic excellence, make the life of a pet owner easier with legal documentation, or congratulate the winners of an athletic event, a properly drafted and signed Certificate template that bears the name of the holder will often serve as legal proof of the information indicated in writing.

Certificate Templates: General

  • Certificate of Recognition Template. often issued for outstanding service of the employee or person that has helped the community, this document will show your respect and gratitude;
  • A Retirement Certificate Template is usually prepared by the employer or colleagues of an individual that prepares to retire to express appreciation for their contributions to the company;
  • Training Certificate Template. If you are in charge of an educational course, you can give this certificate to a person that has completed this training to verify their efforts;
  • Volunteer Certificate Template. Select one of the Certificates you like to verify the individual has helped your company or charity fund for free;
  • A Wedding Certificate Template contains the information about the marriage - the names of the spouses and the day and the place the marriage was formalized;
  • Ordination Certificate Template. To make a person an ordained Christian minister or priest and allow them to conduct religious ceremonies, provide them with this document;
  • A Certificate of Participation Template will confirm the individual whose name is recorded on the certificate took part in an event or activity;
  • Certificate of Achievement Template. You can recognize the accomplishments of a person by giving them this document;
  • An Adoption Certificate Template verifies the identity of the adopted individual replacing their birth certificate;
  • Thank You Certificate Template. Let the recipient of this document know you value them and their impact on your personal or professional life;
  • Certificate of Appreciation Template. Show your gratitude to an employee for their hard work or a close friend for their kindness and support with a meaningful Certificate;
  • Certificate of Attendance Template. if you have managed a training course or taught a particular discipline, you should prove a student followed the attendance rules;
  • Certificate of Authenticity Template. These Certificate templates are designed to prove a work of art or memorabilia is genuine and legal;
  • Award Certificate Template. If you won a prize or did well in a competition, you will receive a memorable certificate that verifies your success;
  • A Baptism Certificate Template represents a written record of a person's baptism - it contains the information about the date and place of baptism and the pastor responsible for the ceremony;
  • Birthday Certificate Template. Celebrate the birthday of a loved one by creating a special kind of greeting card - a Certificate that usually contains a special promise you make;
  • Certificate of Completion Template. Once you have successfully finished a project or course, you will obtain this document to confirm your experience and qualifications.

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This Form is used for applying for a birth certificate by mail in Puerto Rico. It is specifically for residents of Puerto Rico who need to obtain their birth certificate through the mail.

This document is used for obtaining a birth certificate and includes a sworn statement made by the applicant.

This form is used for obtaining a certificate of birth in Kandiyohi County, Minnesota. It is required to prove a person's birth details for various legal and administrative purposes.

This document is a template that certifies compliance with certain standards or regulations. It is used to confirm that a product, service, or process meets specific requirements.

This Form is used for proposing a Certificate of Elevation in the City of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It is used to assess and approve the elevation of a property to meet the city's regulatory requirements.

This document is used for proving the origin of goods imported from Canada. It confirms that the goods were manufactured or produced in Canada.

This form is used for applying for a certificate of eligibility for reservation of jobs in civil posts and services for the Other Backward Classes in Tamil Nadu, India.

This form is used for applying for a certificate of eligibility for reservation of jobs for Other Backward Classes (OBC) in civil posts and services in Goa, India. The certificate is required to avail reservation benefits for OBC candidates in government jobs.

This form is used to apply for a Certificate of Occupancy in Haltom City, Texas. The Certificate of Occupancy verifies that a building or structure meets local safety and zoning regulations and is suitable for occupancy.

This form is used for applying for a re-occupancy certificate in the City of Miami Gardens, Florida. It is required when a property is vacant and needs to be reoccupied.

This document provides a customizable template for creating a blue award certificate.

This document is a template for a baby dedication certificate in a beige color scheme. It can be used to create a personalized certificate to commemorate a baby's dedication ceremony.

This template is used for creating a Certificate of Excellence with a gold design aesthetic. It can be customized to recognize outstanding achievements or accomplishments in various fields.

This document template is a daily schedule that helps busy families stay organized and manage their time efficiently. It includes sections for each family member's activities and tasks, making it easy to track and coordinate everyone's routines.

This document is a certificate of achievement in equestrianism. It recognizes someone's accomplishments in the sport of horseback riding and shows they have achieved a certain level of skill or success.

This document certifies achievement in camping and scouting. (English)

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