Free Training Certificate Templates

What Is a Training Certificate? 

A Training Certificate refers to a formal document that verifies the individual named in writing has learned skills or obtained qualifications needed to perform a certain job or activity.

Alternate Names: 

  • Training Diploma; 
  • Training Completion Certificate. 

A young student or an experienced professional that has had their job for many years can always study a new subject or discipline, developing the qualifications they have already and boosting their chances for better employment or higher salary. To certify their training, the organization that has helped them with the training needs to draft a special certificate that shows the individual has attended training and was able to meet the criteria necessary to be considered knowledgeable in a particular field or issue.

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How Do You Get a Training Certificate?

No matter what course of studies you choose, institutions and individuals that offer different kinds of training, as well as private tutors, traditionally present their students and trainees with a document that confirms their attendance and completion of training. Before you start the actual training and sign any documentation that legally obliges you to pay for the course in question, talk to the administrator of the facility or a private instructor that will teach you new skills: find out whether they are issuing certificates that certify the fact the training took place and whether this document will be useful in case you want to find a new job or get a promotion. In most cases, you will be able to learn about the career paths of people who took the training before you from their former instructors and teachers. 

Here is how a Certificate of Training is usually prepared:

  1. Record the words "Certificate of Training" in big letters (you can select a big font size and a calligraphy font to decorate the document) on top of the sheet of paper.
  2. If you have enough free space available, you may mention one or two main achievements of the recipient; otherwise, the wording can be vague and generic: for example, you can write "This document certifies that [name of the recipient] has completed the [name of the training program]".
  3. Include the period of training and the date the certificate was issued. In case the latter date is unclear, you should print out this document with enough blank space to fill out once the student can receive the certificate from you.
  4. Sign the certificate. To make sure the authenticity of the document is not disputed and it is accepted as proof of knowledge and skills by future employers, it should be signed by the director of the organization that provided the training, and the signature must be written in their own hand. Additionally, you may add a seal or stamp that identifies your training facility and cannot be easily reproduced - this will also prevent fraudulent actions in case others ever try to reprint a certificate to use for illicit purposes.

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