Free Certificate of Completion Templates

What Is a Certificate of Completion?

A Certificate of Completion is a formal document that proves a person whose name is written in it has undergone specific training or finished their education successfully. Typically composed to increase the marketability of the individual and verify they possess the necessary knowledge for a job, a Completion Certificate can be the stepping stone they use to launch their career even if they do not have a college degree - many hiring managers will look favorably at a job applicant that did their best to gain required skills for a position.

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How to Make a Certificate of Completion?

Follow these steps to draft a Completion Certificate:

  1. Include the following details to the blank Certificate of Completion - the title of the document, the name of your organization, the name of the course, the name of the certificate holder, the confirmation they have successfully completed their studies or training, the date the certificate was issued, and the signature of the individual responsible for the training or course in question.
  2. When it comes to the design of the certificate, you should insert the logo of your business or institution and use colors traditionally associated with your brand to promote it. Since a Completion Certificate may mean a lot to the individual that received it, they might want to frame it, so use bright colors, ribbons, ornaments.
  3. Keep an editable Certificate of Completion and print it out every time you need to confirm the achievement of a new batch of students or trainees. It is recommended to type all the information but keep the lines designated for the name of the certificate holder and for the signature of a course instructor or organization leader blank - these handwritten details will make the certificate more personal and show your appreciation for the person you give it to.

What Can I Do With a Certificate of Completion?

A Completion Certificate has many uses depending on the organization or institution that issued it and the contents of the document:

  1. If a high school or college student was unable to comply with all the necessary requirements for traditional graduation including getting a diploma or degree, a Certificate of Completion will at a minimum certify the fact the individual named in it completed the educational institution. The recipients of this document will be allowed to participate in a graduation ceremony but the state does not recognize them as individuals that have high school level knowledge. A certificate of this kind can become a proper diploma if the student retakes their competency exams in the future.
  2. In case your Certificate of Completion proves you have obtained or developed skills after training in a certain area, you may be able to get an entry-level job and start your career - many employers welcome job candidates that can provide the document confirming they have the knowledge needed to succeed in the position even without a formal degree. Whether you took a computer course, a photography course, or received a document that verifies your personal trainer or yoga instructor skills, a certificate will demonstrate your willingness to learn and improve yourself. You may also add a certificate to the usual job application package demonstrating extra qualifications that help you stand out among other job seekers - for instance, a babysitter that has completed a first aid course has a better chance to be hired. Moreover, an employed person can boost their chances for promotion if they undergo training related to their current job duties and notify their employer about it.

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