Fitness Program Templates

Welcome to our fitness program webpage, the ultimate guide to reaching your fitness goals and achieving a healthier lifestyle. Whether you're a beginner or advanced fitness enthusiast, our wide range of resources and customizable workout plans will meet your individual needs.

Our fitness program, also known as a workout schedule or training plan, is carefully designed to help you meet your specific fitness objectives. Our collection of workout templates offers a variety of options, from lower body-focused plans to full-body workouts. Whether you're looking to tone and strengthen specific muscle groups or engage in a comprehensive fitness routine, our program has you covered.

Our 21 Day Lower Body Workout Plan Template is perfect for targeting your lower body muscles, helping you achieve leaner and stronger legs, glutes, and core. If you're new to fitness or need a structured routine, our My Workout Schedule Template provides a step-by-step plan to keep you on track and motivated.

For those looking to challenge themselves and push their limits, our 21 Day Workout Schedule Template - the Exercise Movement combines cardiovascular exercises, strength training, and flexibility exercises to provide a well-rounded workout experience. If you're aiming for a long-distance running goal, our 12 Week Marathon Program Schedule is designed to optimize your endurance and help you achieve success in your race.

Whether you're training for a marathon or seeking a more moderate fitness routine, our Moderate 16-week Marathon Training Plan offers a progressive approach to building your stamina and improving your cardiovascular fitness.

No matter which fitness program you choose, our expertly designed plans, combined with dedication and consistency, will help you achieve the results you desire. Start your fitness journey with us today and see a healthier and stronger version of yourself in no time.




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This Form is used for conducting a fitness assessment at Powerhouse Gym. It includes various measurements and evaluations to determine your current fitness level. It helps in creating a personalized fitness plan and tracking progress.

This P90X Worksheet contains a list of exercises for the back and biceps and is designed in a special way which helps individuals track their progress.

This document is a template for a Fitness Boot Camp Certificate of Completion. It can be used to recognize individuals who have successfully completed a fitness boot camp program.


This form is used for conducting a fitness assessment as part of the Ilan Plan. It helps to evaluate and measure an individual's physical fitness levels and track progress over time.

This type of document is a 21-day workout plan template specifically designed to target the lower body muscles. It includes a structured routine for daily exercises to help strengthen and tone the legs, hips, and buttocks. Follow this plan for a dynamic lower body workout.

This template is used for organizing your workout schedule and tracking your progress. It allows you to plan and schedule different types of workouts on specific days, helping you stay consistent and on track with your fitness goals.

This document provides a schedule template for the workout programs "Brazil Butt Lift" and "Insanity".

This document provides a form for conducting a fitness assessment, specifically with the use of tables. It allows for organized record-keeping and analysis of various fitness indicators.

This document provides the P90X workout schedule for all three phases of the program. It outlines the exercise movements and routines to be followed during each phase for a complete fitness program.

This document provides a 12-week schedule for a marathon training program. It outlines the specific workouts and training sessions to follow in order to prepare for a marathon race in 12 weeks.

This training plan is designed to help runners prepare for a marathon over a period of 16 weeks. It provides a structured schedule with different workouts and long runs to build endurance and improve performance.

This document is a fitness appraisal form that is used to evaluate an individual's physical fitness level. It includes various sections and questions related to different aspects of fitness.

This type of document is a schedule for the third month of the Power 90 workout program. It outlines the exercises and routines to be followed during this month.

This is a visual template used to inform studio clients and gym members about the planned class activities taught by trainers.

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