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What Is the P90x Workout Schedule?

A P90x Workout Schedule is a balanced physical activity plan used to layout different types of exercises to carry out whenever it is convenient. The P90x program was created to help people develop a balanced routine they can keep up with, try training of different intensity, and transform their life and health for the better.

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  • P90x Schedule.

If you are interested in the P90x workout routine and are prepared to exercise every day of the week, consider preparing a schedule to outline your plans before you start working out to figure out whether you are up to this rigorous challenge. You can choose between various types of the P90x schedule to maintain your current weight, reach your target weight, build muscle, improve your health, and boost your fitness level.

If you are looking for a printable P90x Schedule template, you may browse our library of templates below to find the schedule most suitable for your needs and level of fitness.

Which P90x Schedule Should I Do?

Even though you may be willing to work out as much as you can even at the beginning, be sure you correctly evaluate your abilities especially if you are a beginner and are not used to exercising for hours almost every day. It is easy to draft a schedule yourself - draft a table and insert weekdays, including days you will use to rest, types of training or parts of your body the exercise is supposed to focus on, and an additional column to indicate your perception of the training. It is possible to create a weekly or monthly schedule if you want to work on different things every day of the month.

You can choose between three P90x Schedules:

  1. P90x Classic Schedule. Opt for a traditional workout routine if you believe you can differentiate between three days of resistance training and three days of yoga and cardio. The first part of the routine will help you increase your muscle strength while you use free weights and weight machines at home or at a fitness club while the second part will help you lower your blood pressure, build up your immune system, and sleep better at night.
  2. P90x Lean Schedule. This type of workout may be more appropriate if you are making your first steps towards long-term workout success. A routine like this requires two days of resistance training and four days of less arduous workouts like cardio and yoga. If you choose this schedule, you can later move to an advanced one but first of all, you have got to concentrate on the accessible and affordable exercise available even at home.
  3. P90x Extreme Schedule. An accelerated fitness program designed for people who need to lose a lot of weight or gain muscle mass quickly, this schedule contains 30-minute workout routines you can do six or seven days per week. Each day you can devote your time and attention to specific training such as jump training, yoga, bodyweight exercises, aerobic exercises, and stretching to make your physical activity challenging yet enjoyable.

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This P90X Worksheet contains a list of exercises for the back and biceps and is designed in a special way which helps individuals track their progress.

This document provides the P90X workout schedule for all three phases of the program. It outlines the exercise movements and routines to be followed during each phase for a complete fitness program.

This document is a template for a P90X Insanity Hybrid Workout Sheet. It helps users track their fitness progress during the hybrid workout program.

This document is a schedule calendar template for the P90X fitness program by Beachbody. It helps users plan and track their workouts over the course of the program.


This document provides a 12-week schedule template for the Elite Hybrid program, combining workouts from the P90X3 and Focus T25 fitness programs. Get ready to take your fitness to the next level with this comprehensive plan.


This document is a template for the P90x3 Month 3 Mass workout schedule.

This document is a schedule template for the P90x2 Strength Workout. It outlines the specific exercises and workout days for the program.

This type of document provides a workout schedule template for the P90X2 fitness program, designed to help individuals get ripped and increase their fitness levels.

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